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  1. Chevy Vs. Ford: The Podcast

    Lakers versus Celtics? Red Sox vs Yankees? Coke vs Pepsi? Fold the paper over or fold it under? Those are some of the biggest rivalries of all time, but the biggest one in cars is Ford versus Chevrolet. And a podcast that focuses on rivalries in business is going to be looking at that last one...
  2. winter transportation question

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    so to give my pony a break for the winter i was thinking about buying a Geo Tracker... 4x4 5 speed, convertable, cheap, good on gas. looks fun to drive and **** around in. just wondering what your opinions are on these? anbody got one?ever had one? know someone? heard tthings? i know this...
  3. Something to kick around CAMARO

    4.6L Talk
    I know this is a ford forum, but I would love to have a 69 camaro to park beside my stang. So I would like to know your thoughts. :scratchchin Why does Chevorlet not just recreate the 69 camaro body exactly the same as it was then just in fiberglass, instead of making look alikes. I would...