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  1. can i beat a 1994 civic?

    V6 Talk
    I'm new to the forum, and was wandering if I need to do anything to make my car faster than my cousin's. He keeps talking about how fast his car is and I've always known people call civics ricers! He has a 94 civic with cai and dual exhaust, and he wouldn't tell me if his headers were shortys or...
  2. Intro, 2002 Mustang GT

    Alright soo....Names Aaron. Recently bought a 2002 Mustang GT Convertible. Little background about myself and said Mustang. 2004 I think it was when I first got my license, i'm 21. Anyways, started out with a 1993 Honda Accord Sedan. - 1993 White Honda Accord sedan: It was white...
  3. honda present for my friend?

    V6 Talk
    Ok so I have a question about underdrive pullies, my friend drives an 07 honda civic ex(iknow, i know what u guys are thinking, trust me i know... lets just try to skip the bashin for now ok?) anyway so i want to buy him some underdrive pullies for christmas. the pullies I found are from a...
  4. destoyed a civic

    Kill Stories
    going to my friends house from the car wash i pulled up beside my friend in his mom's newer civic at a red light. my passager, who owned an identical car, said it would prolly be close and i got a big grin out of that! light turned green and 0-40 i was already a car and a half infront and by 60...