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  1. Thieves Use Classic Mustang As Battering Ram, Grab Three Playstations

    We already know that smash and grab robbers probably aren't the cleverest group of criminals out there, but sometimes they miss on the risk-reward scale worse than others. Like these thieves from Athens, Greece, who maybe didn't put their skills to use in a very efficient way. They started with...
  2. Overheating 302 in a 65 Mustang

    Classic Tech
    I've had my mustang for about 5 years now and I have been through at least 5 radiators in that time, but I recently did a engine swap from a 289 to a 302. While the new motor was put in I also upgraded to a Aluminum radiator with a Electric fan. (I believe the Radiator is two row.) The new...
  3. New Member

    Hello everyone, I'm a brand new member and an owner of a 1966 mustang. I look forward to learning more about my classic mustang and seeing what input you guys have
  4. 1967 Mustang Center Console Build

    Classic Tech
    I have been building my own center console for the past two months, and have noticed that there is very little information on the internet from other people that have done so. I just finished my build last week, and am looking to help and inspire others to build their own. I have included a few...
  5. Me and Jenny (a 1969 Mustang Grande 250 4.1L) join the forum

    Hey Guys, Just another amateur mechanic on here trying to keep his old jalopy running. I restored my 1969 Mustang Grande with my grandpa while I was in high school and fell in love with classic cars. I have since moved away for school and I use the car to get around up here. It runs well...
  6. 1966 Mustang Suspension Modifications your Opinions

    Classic Talk
    Hello Everyone, Please post your comments about my suspension modification to my 1966 Ford Mustang Coupe. To view Suspension Modifications check out my gallery images. Please post your positive or negative opinions about the Suspension Modifications. Thank you for your comments
  7. Electrical Problems....HELP!!!

    Classic Tech
    So I have a 1966 Ford Mustang 289 V8, and a while ago I replaced the instrument bezel and I figured while I had it out I would replace a few of the light bulbs too. Once I had the light bulbs in I put everything back together correctly and tried turning on the dash lights....NOTHING! Before I...
  8. classic mustang, play in steering wheel

    Classic Talk
    My 1965 mustang has a lot of play in the steering wheel? I don't know too much about cars, so what can be done to fix this?
  9. 1966 Mustang inline six clutch release rod connection

    Classic Tech
    recently I noticed a large amount of free pedal and the clutch was catching close to the floor. I noticed that the bearings on the equalizer bar were badly worn, so I replaced them. When I reassembled the clutch release rod assembly it just does not seem to be right. What I mean is, what holds...
  10. Whats the market for custom artwork?

    Classic Talk
    Just curious about how many people would be willing to pay for custom artwork of their cars?
  11. 65 Mustang Glove Box Repair

    Classic Tech
    Does anybody out there in Mustangland know how to attach the Scott Drake reproduction Mustang running horse emblem to the curved(early 1965) glove box door? The Scott Drake people tell me to cut the prongs and glue the emblem, but I'm going for a concours repair here. I assume that a special...
  12. 1969 mach 1 researching for tech answers

    Classic Tech
    Hello...Although I am new here, I am not new to the Msutang world..Just to the 69 models. I have always had 66's. I am looking for answers to the following questions on the 69 I just acquired..Thanks for any help you all can provide. 1. Besides the Vin on the door and window is there any other...
  13. 1967 Mustang Rear suspension advise.

    Classic Tech
    Hello. I have a 1967 Mustang Coupe Restomod. Here is my question- If anyone has had any experience with late model IRS in a classic, I would like to know what you like and do not like. I am thinking of IRS or a four like with coil-overs and a watts link. Any helpful advise/comments appreciated.
  14. Was it a good buy?

    Classic Tech
    i bought a 1968 mustang straight 6 automatic. motor was rebuilt and has a new radiator, alternator, starter relay, voltage regulator, spark plugs, distributor, and brakes. the motor runs good until you accelerate and it dies unless you pump the pedal to rev up higher and higher, i think...
  15. Converting Straight 6 to V8???

    Classic Tech
    I want to get a project car, but I am torn. Ideally I would like to get a 64-66 Mustang that already has a V8 so that I can pull it out and modify it a bit. All I can seem to find are decent cars that have an in-line 6 in them. I am looking for any advice with this!! Ultimately I want to...
  16. 1968 Mustang Sputter issue

    Classic Tech
    Hello Everyone. I have a 289 that has within the last two years had everything rebuilt or replaced. My problem is that out of the blue my car developed a starting problem. My car turns over and starts, but sounds pathetic as it idles. It is sputtering, shaking, and on the ground near the tail...