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  1. Classic Tech
    i had originally failed to mention the fact that when i put a high volume pan on i had noticed that the timing chain seemed a little loose. anywho i solved my problem and can chirp the tires in third now with ease. thanks for all the help everyone and in pointing me towards the timing chain...
  2. Classic Tech
    I just got a 1965 200 CID Straight 6 Mustang. I would like to put a T5 transmission in it. I found one from an '87 Ford Turbo Coupe. Will that work? What sorts of things do I need to consider/purchase in order to make it work? A little more info: the car was born a 3 speed manual and was...
  3. Classic Tech
    I'm going to add a rpm gauge to my code A to be safe and since im adding gauges what else should i add.
  4. Classic Talk
    I am thinking about purchasing a 1964 1/2 mustang. I was wondering if someone can tell me what it might be worth. It is in great condition, one minor dent on the hood. The paint is not the original color. It is now a red rather that the grey that was original. The 289 has been taken out and...
  5. Classic Talk
    I'm going up to look at a 67 mustang this weekend and wanted to see if anyone had any input. As far as info about it, it has a 302 out of an 86, fresh rebuild with Keith Black High Compression pistons, crane roller cam with 484 and 512 lift, crane lifters, stock rebuilt heads, weiand stealth...
  6. 4.6L Tech
    hey my 68 mustang 302 has an timing issue I do believe. I drove it for a little yesterday prop. about 45min with some of the usual little tuning after a fresh engine overhaul, but now when I try and adjust the distributor any which way it fires but not clean at all and will only stay running for...
  7. Mid Atlantic
    Hi all, I have a '73 convertible and I'm looking for someone who knows their way around classic Mustangs and carbureted engines. Jersey shore area would be ideal, though I'm willing to travel (central/northern NJ) for a great mechanic. My car is a daily driver and is not restoration-level...
  8. 4.6L Tech
    Hey im 16 rebuilding my first classic 1968 mustang and i need some advice on the small spline of the two splines on the transmission looks as if it has come out a quarter inch?, causeing it to not let the enigine block to snug up the transmission. If so how would i fix that? If that's not the...
  9. Classic Talk
    For those of you who have put an Amplifier in your classic mustang, where did you ground out the amp? I was just asking since i put my amp and sub in the trunk and am a little bit worried about the gas tank sitting next to it.
  10. Classic Tech
    Okay. To start off I'm gonna say I'm a 17 year old car enthusiast who has a "Senior Project" for school where basically I have to learn a trade. And I thought learning to restore a car would be an awesome thing to learn and do. But I need some help. Besides basic mechanical and detailing skills...
  11. Classic Tech
    hey guys, i need some help finding a driveshaft for my mustang. i have a 1965 mustang with a 1966 289 v8 and a 8'' rear end. I have a t5 transmission and i need to know how long does the driveshaft needs to be and what model car i can get one off of. Help is greatly appreciated, thanks :bigthumbsup
  12. Classic Tech
    title says 1964 1/2 Mustang but I'm not sure I the transmission is a 3 sp toploader has 4 bolts on top inside I found a 15/16" input shaft with a 10 spline I think a 9" but could be 9 1/8" clutch plate.. I have been to all the pa /rts stores and I search on line I could not find a rebuild...
  13. Classic Tech
    First of all i want to tell you im no auto mechanic i got this car nearly completely finished and just do moreso maintaining and bolt ons from here to there.....i mainly work on it at my uncles automotive buissiness where a mechanic is at close today i tore off the handle and...
  14. New Member Introductions | No Tech Questions
    Hey everyone my name is hickey, i have a 66 pony coupe with a 289 but have a h.o. 5.0 in the garage. working on making it a sweet restomod. Die hard mustang guy grown up with the 65 66 and 69 be more than happy to help with anything thanx.
  15. Classic Talk
    does anyone know what size gears were run in the orginal 289 1965 stangs....(not a hipo if it makes a difference) and it is NOT a 1964.5.....and there 8.8 inch rearends.......riiiiiight :P?
41-55 of 91 Results