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  1. Watch: A 2017 Ford GT Cleaned Very, Very Thoroughly

    Sometimes supercars are about more than going fast. Sometimes, they’re all about taking a very, very long time. Such is the case when you’re asked to clean a Ford GT for the first time. As if that wasn't special enough, this is more than just any Ford GT. This is Barry Meguiar’s Ford GT. Of...
  2. Best way to clean/polish Edelbrock aluminum valve covers?

    Classic Tech
    Just cleaning up '66's engine today and have a real cloudy/anti-shine look on my Edelbrock elite series aluminum valve covers that I just cant get rid of. No rust on them. Just curious of the experience of others out there that may have dealt with these aluminum valve covers before, or have any...
  3. Tried and True Polish and Wax for the Stang

    4.6L Talk
    In my experience everyone has their own favorite wax or method of waxing, and I suppose doing anything is better than nothing. However for the last 10+ years I have always used a combination of (2) products that work absolutely AMAZING! :thumbup: Here are the 1-2 punch products I use...
  4. Just Washed, So Fresh, So Clean....

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Here are some pics of my 2011 GT/CS after a long awaited car wash. This is with my winter wheel setup. Blizzaks on the stock 19" CS wheels. Also notice the latest mod, Roush rear side splitters. They claim they are for the 2013 but fit the 2011 just fine. Really finishes the look with the Boss...
  5. 1978 Cobra Mustang

    Good Morning from Alabama, I'm trying to find a good home for great car. This car is all original, I even have the 8 track player that came with her when she rolled off the line. This car has zero rust. The floor pans are good, seat bolt are good, all the normal wear spots are in great shape...
  6. modifying my split port heads? cleaning valves and seats, can i unstick a valve?

    V6 Tech
    the heads im using are seccond hand off a 02 motor, sooo i wanna make em shinnny again, especially all the valves and combustion chamber. Ill add up a pic, but in one of the heads i have one valve at the very end open about 1/4 inch, does this means its stuck or ddo some jus randomly stay open...
  7. A Trick To Take Off Tint

    4.6L Talk
    A Trick to Take Off Tint | A Thing for Cars
  8. A Trick to Take Off Tint

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    A Trick to Take Off Tint | A Thing for Cars
  9. keeping her clean during the winter

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    This may sound a silly question but for those that get a proper winter, how do you keep your car clean... do you just take it to a touchless car wash? With all the salt on the roads, how often should I wash it? It was my first winter in Canada last year and I washed the CX7 when the temp was...
  10. Cleaning a New Black 5.0, Help!

    Show & Shine
    So I was the owner of a silver 2008 GT. Spray it off, use some spot-free rinse, let dry, looks great. Take it through the automatic car wash, looks clean and shiny. Do the same things with my new black 5.0, looks like I was driving across desert sand dunes all day. I've only had it a few weeks...
  11. 'Clean' car

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    I thought this would be good for a quick look. This picture was taken after driving this weekend on some dirt roads, then driving home. On the trip home it had been raining hard for 2h on 'clean' and paved highway roads, this was what dirt was left on. Under 2000 miles on the car! Anyone...
  12. How to clean my mass air flow sensor

    4.6L Tech
    I have a 1996 Mustang GT and I was wondering what the best way was to clean the maf. I've heard that you weren't supposed to touch it, so does anyone have any idea how to?
  13. Dishsoap?? and Washing 2007 Mustang

    Show & Shine
    I heard that it was good to was your car with DAWN dishsoap before you wax your car.. I don't know if its good how much should you use?? Also, What is the best wax to wax your car with. How do you clean your engine? to make it nice and shiny and clean. Lastly, easy way to get show room...