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  1. Water/Coolant in #8 Cylinder

    Classic Tech
    9 months ago I had attempted to drive my 1971 Mustang with it's 351C from Oregon to California, I had rebuilt the engine over that winter and had broken it in around town. I got about 4 Hours into the 13 HR journey when my oil pressure went form 50 to 70 PSI IIRC, then the engine started to...
  2. 351c budget build camshaft advice

    Classic Tech
    I picked up a 1971 351 cleveland block that has been prepaired with TRW flattop pistions .040 over. crankshaft turned .010 with new bearings. The heads are 2v 1971. The heads have been redone. It appears they installed new double springs. rotating assably has been balanced. I also have a...
  3. 1972 351C Aussie Heads, worth it?

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys, new here. I've got a 1972 351 cleveland h-code block with an edelbrock rpm manifold and 600cfm carb. I was driving down the street the other day and the timing belt slipped and I bent a valve, so I'm going to partially rebuild the engine this weekend. I thought I might as well upgrade...
  4. 302 cleveland

    Classic Tech
    What year did they have a 302 cleveland engine and what kind of specs am I looking at. I thought I had a 1966 289 in my mustang but when I was changing spark plugs it uses the cleveland block style spark plugs. Also I dont think there was ever a 289 cleveland. I just want to know what I have in...
  5. 1973 Mustang with 351 Cleveland - better 1/4 mile times?

    Classic Tech
    Hi all, first time on here so please be gentle if I make a ****-up! I have a 1973 Mustang with 351 Cleveland, FMX auto and 2.75 rear end. Also just has stock exhaust manifolds and a fairly restrictive single pipe. Engine appears to be stock apart from 600cfm Edelbrock carb and Performer...
  6. 1973 Mustang FMX to C4 swap questions.

    Classic Tech
    First and foremost I do not want this thread to degrade into a debate about whether or not to even swap out an FMX. All forums I looked up end up being about why one should keep the FMX instead of giving advise on how to do the swap. My 1973 had been sitting for 5 years while I was away in the...
  7. 1973 Mustang Engine Vibrations.

    Classic Tech
    The Car: 1973 Mustang Coupe with 351 Cleveland backed by an FMX. The car came with a Kragen re-manufactured engine, and had developed a bad knocking noise. Taking apart the engine revealed a cam lope completely ground-down and the corresponding lifter was concave. I rebuilt the engine myself...
  8. Cleveland 4v build questions

    Classic Tech
    Hey everyone just got some questions for experienced cleveland owners. I will begin building and researching fitting components of a 351C 4V. It has been bored .020 over and needs new pistons, valve springs and possibly valves. My big questions are what piston types will fit with the huge valves...
  9. My new 1973 351c Mustang. What to expect.

    Classic Talk
    As of tomorrow night i will be the owner of a second first generation mustang. I'm already a holder of a 1966 coupe and i was just wondering what to expect from my 351c. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions to send my way? i'm very excited about all of this and would appreciate some feedback...
  10. 351C how much can i bore over the cylinders?

    Classic Tech
    The engine a buddy and I are building is already bored over .040" and the walls look a little thin. can we take off any more at all? we need to get the taper off at the very least.
  11. 351 Cleveland rebuild tips

    Classic Tech
    my buddy is bringing a 351C into the shop to rebuild. it's a very tired motor, when it was still in the mach1 you could really tell it was down on performance, big time. Does anybody have any advice to a couple of engine building novices? are there any special tools i need to concern myself...
  12. Les presento a mi potro

    Clasicos 1964-1973
    Hola a Todos :wavey: Pues ya me presente yo y pues ahora les presento a mi potro, que a lo mejor entrara en controversia por no encontrarse en condiciones originales (en cuanto a pintura y tapiceria), pero la verdad a mi me encanta como esta y pienso mantenerlo en estas condiciones un rato...