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  1. Steering noise(click) after suspension swap

    4.6L Tech
    Hello everyone, A couple months ago I swapped out the springs, struts/shocks, caster/camber plates, steeda tie rods and sway bars. I installed in place the eibach springs and sway bar, steeda tie rod adjustment ends, and koni adjustables. So when I turn my steering wheel a 1.5 turns to the right...
  2. 1986 Mustang LX wont start.

    V6 Tech
    I have a v6 1986 mustang convertible that will not start. The battery is good, cleaned and tightened the terminal connectors and changed the starter solenoid. I haven't been able to remove the starter to have it tested. I checked the connections and hit a few times and still no go. However...
  3. 1990 LX Clutch Issue

    2.3L Tech
    Alright so my car keeps killing me with problems. I love her but geez. Anyways newest problem. My clutch was slipping a little, so I did the "self-adjustment lift the pedal up with your toe" technique. Now here's the problem. It adjusted itself to the floor at first, but with a nasty click about...
  4. Weird click/thump sound from engine

    4.6L Tech
    Hello all, new to the forums! I have a 2005 mustang GT Auto with minor modifications. I have been noticing a strange sound coming from the engine at idle. It's not very loud and it goes away completely when the car is either in gear or if the rpms go up from idle. It sounds like a click at...
  5. 1967 Mustang 289 c-code won't start - just 1 click from solenoid

    Classic Tech
    I have scoured the posts for my issue and have found many similar ones, but none that encompass my problem in its entirety. My 67 convertible recently became a garage ornament due to a starting issue and I need to remedy the issue and get her back out on the road where she belongs. Here is my...