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  1. 1990 FoxBody Hatch Trunk not shutting all the way?

    2.3L Talk
    I think I need a new latch, but I can't find one anywhere. To describe my problem, my hatch won't close all the way. It's closed enough to keep cold, water, etc. out. But I want it closed all the way cause I can hear cars and things. Anybody know the problem? Or where to find a new latch...
  2. 1968 convertible top not closing all the way

    Classic Tech
    Hiya, hoping somone out there can give me some advice on my convertible top. the canvas itself looks great/window needs replaced. It worked fine when i first bought the car (which had sat for 25 years without being touched. I found a hinge pin that was about to fall out on the driver side...