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  1. Differences between a 2.3L and a 5.0L Instrument Cluster

    5.0L Tech
    Hey guys, So does anyone know how to tell the difference of a 2.3L cluster from a 5.0L for a 1989 Mustang? I've been trying to find a used one locally but a lot of people don't know whether the cluster came out of a 2.3L car or a 5.0L car. I know that the instrument clusters between 87-89 and...
  2. 2004 mustang GT speedometer issues

    4.6L Tech
    So speedometer doesn't work. Issue is intermittent, in other words after riding for about 40 mins or more the speedometer may occasionally spring to life. Cruise control is fine, RPMs are fine, Odometer isn't working. Just took the gauge cluster apart and notice no damage. Followed cable that...
  3. 2001 Battery Draining

    V6 Tech
    Hi All, This is my first post in the forum, so please be kind! I have a 2001 3.8 that the battery goes dead in a day or two of not driving it. I took a reading with my Fluke meter and found it is drawing 400 mA. I've narrowed it down to a 40 amp fuse that protects the Instrument Cluster and...
  4. 2013 Mustang Miles To Kms Cluster

    Mustang Tech
    Hi Everyone, I just bought a 2013 mustang imported from the US, i am here in Canada and we use KMS. I was wondering does anyone has an idea how to change the speedometer(cluster) from miles to kms ? Withouht payiiing lots of money ? I head that there is a sticker or something you put but cant...
  5. Cluster upgrade suggestions

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Forum friends, I need a little advice please. I have a 2009 V6 4.0 base Mustang with all the wiring for the 6 gauge cluster and Info Setup Reset switch wiring already in place. After researching here and other places, I decided that I wanted to upgrade my cluster as well. It took me forever, but...
  6. 66 cluster led bulbs upgrade!!!

    Hello guys I am a total newbie to this so bare with me. I recently purchased a 66 coupe in which I noticed that the cluster doest not light up enough to be visible/readable. I figured it was bad light bulbs, got to it and sure enough it was 2 bad ones. Replaced them and they light up but seems...
  7. Theft light barely blinking 2001 Mustang

    V6 Tech
    Can anyone please tell me if the theft light is supposed to barely blink with the key off. Thanks
  8. 1987 mustang Fuel Gauge not working

    hey guys got a prob! everything in dash board works as far as voltage oil rpm etc. since i bought this i can never get the gas gauge to work AT ALL. the things i have intented to do are: replaced the chip behind the cluster that looks like a voltage regulator ( 3x) i installed new fuel pump and...
  9. How to Disable PATS system

    V6 Tech
    Title pretty much sums it up, How do you disable the PATS system on a 2001 Mustang v6? I aquired a Gt cluster guage but found out if i hook it up the car will not start because of PATS so i need to bypass this obstacle.
  10. 1997 Mustang GT some gauges not workin

    4.6L Tech
    Just had a fresh rebuild on my 97 mustang gt. Picked it up today and my temperature gauge speedometer rpms and battery gauges are not working. Fuel and pool are. Mechanic said he's ordering new cluster but seems dumb. The **** worked befe. Any ideas?something I can fix myself? Thanks for any...
  11. 2000 3.8 L speedometer

    V6 Tech
    Speedometer fluctuates between 60-105mph and clicks up miles while at idle in the yard. Tachometer is normal around 850 rpm. Any suggestions?
  12. Gauge cluster Issues

    5.0L Tech
    Hello In new to the forum here and had a problem with my gauge cluster, its a 1982 Mercury Capri which is close to the ford mustang of the same year, its heavily modified, the first issue was the fuel gauge working up until the 1/4th tank mark then just dropping then my speedometer cable is...
  13. Cleaning Insturment Cluster

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Hello ladies and gents. I've got a question regarding cleaning the instrument cluster. Is there anything special you guys do when cleaning?
  14. Cluster lags and burning smell

    4.6L Tech
    I have 2 questions about my 2001 gt mustang just recently this week my mustang's mile cluster started lagging when I get past 30 miles after the car has been on for a while one it gets past 30 it stops for a secound or 2 and then jumps up to what ever speed I'm going and then it does it again...
  15. 1988 GT Gauges problem? Replace whole cluster?

    5.0L Talk
    I am having issues while restoring my 88 GT. The temp gauge does move but only up to the first notch when the car is running. My gas gauge is stuck at 3/4 but does move as well. The battery gauge seems to be ok and my oil pressure gauge is real low, even lower than the minimum? Could it be the...
  16. Dash out in 1983 Mustang - a few things going crazy? Help!

    5.0L Tech
    I took the dash out of my '83 Mustang to paint it and it came out okay, I didn't break anything - everything is still intact, but I've ran into some problems that are scaring the hell out of me and I need help. First off, the car starts up and runs fine, there has been no effect on the car in...
  17. 2005 Mustang Guage Cluster is not working

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    My tach was the first to go, then fuel guage, then temperature guage, and my speedometor gets a mind of its own every once in a while, so i imagine its not gonna be long before that goes too. I've met at least 3 other people who have said their fuel guage does not work in their 2005... can...
  18. Instrument cluster templates?

    5.0L Talk
    I'm looking for an instrument cluster template for a 1984 mustang so I can put some aftermarket gauges in the stock guages place. Does anyone know where I might be able to find one? Thanks all.
  19. Odometer & Tripometer Stopped Working

    V6 Tech
    I got gas the other day and reset the trip-o-meter to see what my MPG's are. They set to zero but then seemed to stay at zero, further the odo also stopped logging miles. It is a 96 V6. Is there a mini gear that needs to be massaged in the instrument cluster? This is not an electronic...
  20. dash board gauges

    V6 Talk
    anyone know where i can buy the stock gauges? the black ones? i can't find them online anywhere so i was thinking maybe ford?