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  1. Mustang II Tech
    Hi All, First off, This is my first post here. I just got my 1975 cobra out of storage. It has sat for about 3 years. It's got a 302 in it, with a holly 600 4bbl. I know that carborateur is too big for the motor and I"m going to re-jet it. I did have a few issues that I thought you all...
  2. Mustang II Tech
    I have a 1978 Mustang Cobra II and the interior is a wreck. I would like to know if anyone knows were I could get a "fresh air door" that is in the passenger side duct. Anywere to get other stock-like interior parts for it would also be very helpful. Thank you.
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hey guys, my father just recently bought a 1978 Ford Mustang Cobra 2 with the original wheels, interior and a 302 motor. He bought it for 100 bucks and intended on running it in a demo derby until we told him what it was. The exterior just needs to be buffed and painted. We can't find anywhere...
1-3 of 3 Results