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  1. SVT Cobra Talk
    Hello AFM members, this is my first post on this forum. My friend is a car collector in Southern Florida and is interested in a specific Mustang with only 9 original miles. Here is the link: 1995 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra Does anybody on here know about this specific car? Everything checked...
  2. 4.6L Talk
    My mustang I just got came with the factory oem Cobra R wheels. I'm not a big fan so I was considering selling them, but can only find replicas. Was just wondering if you could give some insight on how much a set of four with tires would be worth. They're in very good condition.
  3. 4.6L Talk
    Anyone actually have the 5"? It sounds too big, but I can't knock it unless I actually see it, same with the 3.5". Opinions are welcome. It's for my 98, btw.
  4. 4.6L Talk
    hey guys, so i need some input about a cracked fiberglass cervinis hood and a set of real hood pins from american muscle. my hood cracked awhile back in the front driver side corner after an encounter with a deer. at that time i already had the pins, just hadnt installed them yet. but i...
  5. Wheels, Tires, Brakes & Suspension
    Hi there guys, Just wanted to know if anybody knew where to buy these? looking for a set of 2000 Cobra R wheels, dont need the tires really. Before anybody says it, yes I know AM has a set but they are Chrome and very very expensive compared to what ive seen them going for. I would obviously...
  6. New Member Introductions
    does anybody know if there are any engines for sale out there? did ford make any more other than the ones in the mustangs? it would be a pretty awesome swap for any mustang,, any engines similiar to the 5.4l cobra r engine?? any info would help thanks:bigthumbsup
  7. 4.6L Tech
    Does anyone know if a 2003 Cobra R wing will bolt directly to the trunk lid of a 2003 GT?
  8. 4.6L Talk
    I have been toying with the idea of putting a Cobra R spoiler on my 2002 GT convertible. The stock spoiler is broken, you cannot see where it is broken (it is on the left hand side, underneath where the post that holds it down used to be). There is a screw holding the front part of that side...
  9. V6 Talk
    Does anyone know of a website where i could get cobra R rims (either real ones or replicas) for pretty cheap? I'm looking for 18' chrome ones to go on my 2001 mustang so they have to be 5 bolt.
  10. FFW Va 2006

    2000 Cobra R
  11. FFW Va 2006

    2000 Cobra R
  12. FFW Va 2006

    2000 Cobra R
  13. FFW Va 2006

    2000 Cobra R
  14. FFW Va 2006

    2000 Cobra R
1-14 of 18 Results