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  1. Classic Tech
    Hey guys, 1966 Coupe 289 v8 with c4 trans... so I ordered new power steering hoses since my old pressure hose had a deep gash in it. Yesterday while I was at work my dad tried putting them in himself and somehow must have tried forcing the flare nut on the end of the pressure hose to thread...
  2. Classic Tech
    recently, the power steering control valve on my 68 289 went bad and im taking it out to rebuild this weekend. so far, ive removed all of the hoses, undid the clamp between the center link and the control valve. Here's where the problem starts: the pitman arm that comes off of the worm gear, is...
  3. Classic Tech
    Is it me or is there not a way to get this power steering unit to stop leaking. I have tightened everything on the unit, and it is still leaking s l o w l y . It looks like it is leaking from a top hose piece, but I have replaced that area too. Anybody with similar issues on a 65 stang with...
1-3 of 3 Results