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  1. 2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hey I have a 2008 GT convertible. There is a fabric flap that is attached to the rear of the upper part of the back seat. The previous owner or shop sliced through this flap in order to remove the back seat at some point. I would like to replace this flap as it is visible through the rear...
  2. 2.3L Talk
    Hi guys; I have an 89 Mustang LX 2.3L convertible that has stripes, a pony and LE on the lower panel. My question is this. I have never seen another Mustang like this. IS this a Limited Edition or what. Any thoughts out there?
  3. V6 Talk
    The joints on the convertible top need to be re-lubricated. What should I use?
  4. 5.0L Tech
    I recently purchased a 1992 convertible and I have some problems with the top. the first bar seems to stick up further than it should causing the top to bow pretty bad causing a tear. Was this bar installed wrong or is it the wrong bar all together?
  5. 5.0L Talk
    Quick question for you guys. I bought this 25th Anniversary 1990 LX Vert a couple of weeks ago. I have been around a whole lot of Foxes and have never seen this interior in one. Anyone know anything about this? Pictures attached. Please disregard the smokes in the seat lol. Thanks in advance.
  6. 2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    I have now had my car for just over three years and every time I drive it I LOVE IT! I did a review a couple of years ago and I figured I would do another one. Car Details: 2011 Roush Stage 2 Convertible. Navigation, Roush 20"wheels with Nitto Motiva tires, Roush A/B, SCT Tuner with Bama Tunes...
  7. Classic Tech
    My electric top goes approximately half way down and then the right side stops going down(left side tries to continue down). I checked for obstructions, fluid leaks, and Ive pushed on it to help it. It just seems to jam. Any suggestions?
  8. Introductions
    I bought my first Mustang this summer and it was a good match. It's a 2014 Roush Stage 2 convertible. It's getting a paint detail at the dealer as we speak. The cover awaits the return of the car as winter is upon us. Once I get the hang of these forums, I'll post some pix.
  9. 2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    I have a 2007 v6 mustang convertible and the passenger side rattles something awful. I can't place it if its the window or the door or what. Also this same side has a space between the window and the convertible top weather stripping which allows for leaks. I pulled the stripping down a little...
  10. 5.0L Talk
    This makes number 4 but the only one I can actually drive! It is a 1990 GT convertible with AOD, triple black. Documented original miles only 59k, southern California car it's whole life with not a speck of rust and all original everything including glass. It does need some TLC, all the...
  11. 2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    How is the quarter window adjusted for fit? My right-hand quarter window is out of alignment. It is about 3/4" too high when raised. When the passenger window is raised before raising the quarter window, the misfit between the two weather strips makes a cringe-inducing "fwapp" sound as the...
  12. V6 Talk
    I am not sure if this is the right place for this post, but I own a 2004 Ford Mustang V6 Convertible, and I need help either troubleshooting this problem I am having, or for someone to tell me I don't have a problem at all. Today I was driving and hit some heavy traffic as a result of a lane...
  13. 2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hi, I have the opportunity to buy a 2007 black Mustang convertible for about $8000. It's in great shape, with no visible wear, and it runs great. The top seems to be in great shape as well. However, the car does have 110k miles. Normally I wouldn't buy a car with miles that high, but because the...
  14. Classic Talk
    Hello, Everyone. I'm brand new to this forum, and I hate to jump right in and ask for advice, but I'm in a bit of a pickle... A family member has just commandeered my grandparent's 1965 mustang convertible. He plans to sell it to fund some ridiculous investment scheme... My grandmother is...
  15. 2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Hey Everyone, I loved having the car for the last 3 years. However, finances dictate that I may have to sell it. :( My question is do you have recommendations for a good way to sell a used, modded GT? It is a 2011 automatic (yea, I know - wife wanted to drive it) convertible (that was my...
  16. 5.0L Tech
    I want to upgrade my speakers. How would I buy speakers. ie..what dimensions would they have to be..what type?..would I need to replace my amp? Btw I love that base :). I'm also kind-of on a budget of like $100-$150 Thanks in advance for any replies
  17. 4.6L Tech
    Hey guys out of nowhere my convertible top started to struggle. To lift it off i have to hold the button and push it off and up until it catches and then when i put it back on i hear the motor go for a second or two before the top starts to lift and when it does lift the passenger side comes up...
  18. 4.6L Tech
    Hey all - I need your help. I have damage to the k member, Front Lower control arm and suspension parts on the front driver's side. I have replacement oem stock control arms, sway bar brackets & bushings and I can pick up a 1999 k member for $100 on craigslist. Today, I tried replacing my Front...
  19. Introductions
    Hi Everybody, My name is Navneet (friends call me Neo) & I drive a Grabber blue 2013 GT Convertible in Dubai. Glad to be part of this forum to learn & share experiences about our mustangs. Cheers!
  20. 2.3L Tech
    Hey, guys! While working on the passenger rear-quarter window I noticed that the window itself is loose from the mechanical parts that hold it. I think I know how to tighten it, but I would need to fully remove the window. Everything is stripped-down, but I don't know exactly how to remove it...