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  1. Complete aftermarket rear 9" anyone know of a good one?

    Classic Tech
    Im looking for an aftermarket 9" rear with suspension and all the trimmings. I was wondering if anyone has any exp, rather than internet hearsay, on some good products and could provide links. Oh and its for a 67 Cougar. I know some mustang parts wont fit. Thanks guys!
  2. Need help with 5.0 cougar

    5.0L Tech
    i have a 1993 cougar xr7 5.0 for my dd well im restoring my mustang. well i was on my way to work this morning it died as soon as i stopped at a stop sign and would not start back up its been running great lately and didnt seem any different this mornimg until it died without warning. later when...
  3. 1966 Pony 1970 cougar Brake swap

    Classic Tech
    I am restoring a 1966 six banger coupe. I have a 1970 Merc XR7 351C for a donor car. I plan on swapping the entire drive train eng, trans, rear. I am also using the power brakes from the cougar. My problem so far: Upper and lower ball joints are the same but the tie rod ends are smaller on the...
  4. 1974 Mercury Cougar engine into 1988 Mustang LX

    5.0L Tech
    Hey, I'm new to All Ford Mustangs, and I have a question which pushed me to join. How hard would it be to drop a 74 Cougar 302 2-barrell in the place of a Windsor 302 out of an 88 Mustang LX. That's a swap of the same engine size, but the 74 is carburated, whilst the 88 is fuel injected...