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  1. Classic Talk
    Hello fellow Mustang owners, got a 66 Mustang coupe, so I installed a Electronic Power Steering into it (EPS) after it was all done, none of my flashers work... I Found the flasher unit and replaced it but it still not working, I had a friend of mine that works on nothing but classic mustangs...
  2. Classic Talk
    Hey everyone, long-time lurker here. I am going to look at a Mustang tomorrow and want to know what you think of the price? I'll obviously inspect the car in detail for rust, structural integrity, etc...but I want to know what the forum thinks the price range is. Below is the link to the...
  3. Classic Talk
    Today, we’re starting a new series called Forum Fix. In it, we’ll check out threads where forum users have been able to answer questions from their fellow members. For our first Forum Fix entry, we’ve got a new driver who’s just acquired a classic ’66 Mustang. The car is in need of a little TLC...
  4. Classic Tech
    Hello collective wisdom: I need some advice. I have a 66 coupe with a 351w shoved into it. Runs great, love it. The front end needs some help. I know a number of you out there have the same or similar set up. What kind of springs and shocks are you happy with? Thanks.
  5. Classic Talk
    Hey guys I'm doing a 68 Mustang coyote swap with rod and customs suspension and feel like these wheels on this car will compliment it nicely. Could anyone point me in the right direction about what brand of wheels these are?
  6. Classic Talk
    Hi everyone, I've been a long time mustang guy but I was hoping I could get your opinions on the value of a car. I'm looking at 1966 Coupe, Inline 200, 3 speed manual, front disc conversion, new rear drums, 5 lug conversion, a little rust in the trunk pan. I'm specifically looking for an...
  7. Classic Tech
    Hello -- has anyone been able to find this for their restoration? I'm wondering if Ford elected not to use it, or if it's called something else. This is the part named by my mechanic, who is used to classic Camaros and not Mustangs. It's apparently a metal/aluminum moulding that hooks to the...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hello, My name is Erik and I have 2 1970 Mustangs I'm restoring. The 1st one had been completely stripped and new floor pans put in as well as a new headliner. I just finished painting the engine compartment and I'm ready to put the new brake and fuel lines in. Then I'll get the steering put...
  9. Classic Talk
    Sorry for the simple question. My 1969 coupe came without a dome light fixture. I put a bulb in the socket and it worked fine (though I was surprised at how hot that bulb got), so I ordered a fixture, which came as a chrome base, plastic lens, and two screws. In order to attach this, it looks as...
  10. Classic Talk
    I don't know what price to let the car go for. This is my only car, and I've put a long years worth of work into it. I'm realizing that as much as I love the car, I'm going to need something a little safer and better for long distance driving, as I will be going away to college and sometimes...
  11. 4.6L Talk
    ok so i was at my local junkyard a few days ago and there was a 99-04 mustang convertible and i knew something had to be better structurally underneathe it since it doesnt have a roof, so i got under it and was able to unbolt some subframe connectors and i got them at the house now, my question...
  12. 2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    The lumbar support broke on my 2008 bullitt. Although I am young I have a bad lower back and desperately need lumbar support. The new lumbar kit is $350. I am going to try to take a cheaper way out and buy a kit out of a salvage yard. When I called my local salvage yard they asked for my...
  13. Classic Tech
    Is there any certain way to remove the coils and shocks from the front suspension in order to cut the coils?
  14. Classic Talk
    looking into a new carb. Should I go Holley or Edlebrock? Pros and Cons of each? please help
  15. Classic Talk
    67' 347 Stroker Dyno Run This is a dyno run of the 347 Stroker my Dad built for my 67' Coupe. 347 Stroker Dyno Run - YouTube
  16. V6 Tech
    hi, I have a 1997 Mustang Coupe (not GT) that has a tail light problem and a speedo problem. The tail light problem: The headlights work. The interior lights work. The dash lights work. The turn signals work. The brake lights work (with the brake pedal pressed) but the tail lights do not...
  17. Classic Tech
    I picked up a 67 coupe in South Carolina. The place I got it from has a 68 Cougar with a 9 inch rear end. This is my first Ford rebuild so I know little about the 9 inch. He says it will bolt right up but I want to verify that. The other question I have is its configuration. Since I've worked...
  18. Classic Tech
    I have a '66 coupe that I am planning on swapping a BluePrint 331 stroker and AOD trans into. I am currently researching headers and would like your input on what fits best with this combination. Thanks
  19. New Member Introductions
    Im new here, but im tryinging to figure out more ideas and have any questions i have answered properly by the best people i could think to ask, which, is everyone here. I have a 1967 coupe that had an original 289 and a three speed. I sold my drive train to my dad for his 1961 Ranchero. So heres...
1-19 of 168 Results