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  1. Water/Coolant in #8 Cylinder

    Classic Tech
    9 months ago I had attempted to drive my 1971 Mustang with it's 351C from Oregon to California, I had rebuilt the engine over that winter and had broken it in around town. I got about 4 Hours into the 13 HR journey when my oil pressure went form 50 to 70 PSI IIRC, then the engine started to...
  2. Fix Or Repair Daily

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    Wallet is substantially lighter this evening - by $470 to be precise. AC wasn't working and it turned out to be a cracked AC line (pn 19972) off the compressor at 50,430 miles. $130 for the hose-tube combo - OK $1.47 per oz of R134a - double Walmart's price $28.78 for AC oil - OK, I suppose...
  3. Cracked manifold...or so I thought..

    V6 Tech
    So I was told I had a cracked manifold...well I went to an exhaust shop and it turns out I have a broken manifold :( I'm getting it fixed tomorrow though! Tires Plus said it was on the passenger side but it was on the driver's side, where I first heard the ticking noise, and they were wrong...
  4. Cylinder 8 Misfire - cracked intake???

    4.6L Tech
    I have a 2000 Mustang GT with 147,000 miles and a manual tranny. Two days ago, my car began to sputter really bad unless over 2000 RPM. I figured it was condensation in my fuel lines because that has happened before. But today the CEL came on throwing a "cylinder 8 misfire" code. I had the same...
  5. Cracked glass roof-2009 Mustang

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Has anyone had to replace a glass roof on a 2009? A rock chipped the front edge, and the crack spread quickly. I hope there is someone nearby that has done one - I don't wanna be the guinea pig for this. Also, has anyone else had issues with the sun shade? Ours broke the strings after about 4...
  6. Fixing cracks in 1966 Mustang center console

    Classic Talk
    Hi. I just bought a center console for a 64 1/2 Mutang for $50.00. It's in good shape except for two cracks. What kind of glue is best to use to fix them? Thank you.