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  1. Problem Starting again after Driving.

    Classic Tech
    This is an issue thats been going on for a while now. It starts fine in the morning and I usually do not have issues with it restarting after I've driven it to work or school and let it sit. A few weeks ago I ran into trouble after letting it sit for about an hour in 75-80ish degree weather. It...
  2. Cranks a lot before starting

    Classic Tech
    So now that I've gotten my 65 coupe in a reliable condition I'm starting to nitpick everything else. My car has always seemed to crank excessively before starting. Ive recent rebuilt the edelbrock 1406 carb and my spark plugs are in good condition. In the morning it takes a while and starts very...
  3. 94 GT starting problems need help

    5.0L Tech
    My stang has trouble starting sometimes. it'll start and run fine for for 3 or 4 days and then goes through stints where it wont start at all. Sometimes I have to crank it several times before it will start. Other times It'll start right up. I've changed the fuel filter, cap and rotor, and...
  4. 1968 mustang 289 wont start

    Classic Tech
    My daily driver 68 wont start, it doesnt even try to crank... the battery is good, starter is good, and solenoid is new. ive checked the batter to block ground as well and it is good. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  5. 1992 Mustang Starter/Solenoid Starting Issues

    5.0L Tech
    So I guess this is just another one of the same threads but I searched quite a few of them and I still haven't found an answer yet so here goes. Whenever I turn the key to start my car all I get is a clicking/thunking noise, nothing else. My battery is good (had it tested) I just purchased a...
  6. 65' Starter Keeps on cranking

    Classic Tech
    A few weeks ago i was trying to start my 65' mustang with a 289 and the starter just kept on running, even after i took the key out. I ran over and disconnected the negative cable from the terminal, and now when i try to reconnect it, there is a big spark and some smoke or something from the...
  7. 67stang...smoking ground wire...cranking when off

    Classic Tech
    My 67 Mustang was not starting, After some battles with the electrical system we finally hooked up the firewall to engine block ground wire and also grounded out the alternator. HOWEVER after a week of starting up and working fine we took it out for a spin(after changing front brakes) and when...