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  1. SAD story, 2016 ecoboost

    2015+ 2.3L Ecoboost Talk
    Hi Guys, just joined the forum. I came across the forum in search of some escape from my tragic story that I am about to share with you all today. If you would bare with me. I just bought a used 2016 ecboost on Thursday April 25th some 2 hours away from where I live in Southern California. I...
  2. ForumFix: Crunch!

    No one likes the idea of getting into a car accident — but that's exactly what happened to forum user Nobleman_James . His 2006 Mustang GT ended up hitting a wall at low speed. Thankfully, nobody got injured in the collision, but the front end of James’ Mustang ended up pretty torn up. For this...
  3. Traction control doesn't work

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    I was on my way to school yesterday is Los angeles, dry as could be, and yet when i made a right turn around the corner at very low speeds with traction control on and advance trac on, i spun out and nearly hit a tree. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if my mustang has a...
  4. Video of Maryland mustang accident.

    Mid Atlantic - Mustang Driver Pulled Over for Speeding - Worst Day Ever I hope to find that truck driver myself!
  5. Crashed my 69 Coupe

    Classic Talk
    So I got my 69 mustang for my 16th birthday, and have had it for 3 months. I am absolutely in love with it, and it gets a ton of attention. I was driving to my mma class when I was behind this Lincoln SUV on a one laned road. We were both going probably a little over 40. He starts to slow down...
  6. I hit a curb now car stalls..?

    5.0L Tech
    K so, long story short im a dumbass lost control wet road on a turn overcorrected, hit a curb, not to bad, but bad enough, rim got a lil chunk rubbed off, i was probably going 30kmh ish but slower by the time i hit it and slammed on brakes but it didnt stop soom enogh, **** anyways im sad cuz i...
  7. satin silver 05-09 Mustang GT front bumper needed

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    hey fellow mustang enthusiasts, i had a little mishap when i forgot to turn traction control off, and lets just say my front bumper is worse for wear. i'm just trying to find an OEM satin silver front bumper that was taken off another mustang. i'm not trying to get a repainted one because i want...
  8. 1998 Mustang Curb Crash

    4.6L Tech
    HELP!!! My two front tires had popped.So I crashed onto a parked car and hit the curb, I hit it so hard my passenger side rim got dented, my front passenger fender got dented from the other car, my front bumper got bent about an inch or two down, my inner tie rod is bent however my outer tie...
  9. Got New Leather! ... and I hit a deer :(

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Just got my leather for the Mustang and after a lot of pulling and tugging I got them on :) bought them on Ebay for $200.01. White stitching and they feel so good :bigthumbsupSo I finished my interior, keep in mind it was all originally gray, with gray cloth seats, gray carpet, and gray panels...
  10. 2008 Mustang ran into telephone pole. Totaled?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hey everyone :( Im 19 and I JUST got my red 2008 6 cylinder mustang over the summer. I ran off the road this morning and into a telephone pole. Im devestated beyond belief. I feel like my heart has just been ripped out, or my child has died. I was going about 35 mph and the air bag did come out...
  11. 1994 mustang starting trouble

    V6 Tech
    Got in a minor collision which caused the radiator frame to be bent back about 4 inches. The air bags and the horn went off. Once the fire department came they cut the negative battery cables. After re-attaching them the car won't start. Also I removed the steering wheel with the airbag so the...
  12. I Crashed.. lightly. NEW TIRES SUGGESTIONS

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Quick story: I was going on a downhill slope at 30mph, it was drizzling outside. light was on yellow but I will still far away from stopping. I hit the brakes and my brakes lock up and i slide and grind my front left rim on the curb. I stopped right on the line of the light. SO I am getting...
  13. 1995 Mustang Convertible Crash

    V6 Talk
    My name is Brian Griffin, i'm 17 years old and i haven't really liked to talk about it much, but i know it's kinda neat to see crash pictures sometimes, so i'd like to tell you the story of my first true love, "Sweetheart" the Mustang. I moved back in with my dad this past october, and he...
  14. Has anyone in California tried to get a Diminished Value from a Insurance Claim?

    West Coast
    My Mustang got hit by my garbage man! So it is in the shop and its all being paid for by their insurance company. I saw somewhere that I might me able to ask for some extra money from the insurance company, called a Diminished Value Claim. Has anyone done this before, or have any information...
  15. newer Mustang GT Crashes on Drag Strip (Video)

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    found this checking out some video's Mustang Drag Race Goes Wrong Video is this guy racing with 20 inch wheels!?!?.:nono: the people are saying he hit an oil slick and end him up on the wall