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  1. 2018 Mustang Powers 846 Turbo'd Horsepowers With Corn Juice

    Want the 800+ horsepower that Dodge is offering in the Demon, but don't want to drive a Challenger? Or maybe they're just all sold out already? MAK Performance has your answerwiththis 846 hp 2018 Ford Mustang. So how do you nearly double the power level of a car that's only been on sale for a...
  2. hello everyone 1967 restomod

    Classic Tech
    Hi everyone , im building a 1967 mustang coupe . The car was a 6 cyl with the auto trans , but now it will be a V-8 car with a 5 spd . I have all the motor mounts and trans mounts for the convertion . also remove the pedals and mount a early 90's stickshift set up that i had to mod a lil bit to...
  3. Coil and wires increase in performance and mpg

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    I had a post on here about the screamin demon coil instead i went with one from Granatelli Motorsports and their wires I could not be happier here is what i posted on another mustang forum. Milage is close to 2 mpg best car got before was 26 now is 27 to 28 last two tanks and still has been...