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  1. Finished the GT350 illustration. Did I get the details right?

    Classic Talk
    Thank you guys for your feedback on the wheels. I did more research and decided to go with the 10 spoke, as I saw a lot more of them when I was looking around. I finished up the illustration and I'm getting it ready for the newest art print and tshirt, but I wanted to check with you experts to...
  2. Ford Designer Who Worked on GT Succumbs to Cancer

    Christopher Svensson, the Ford designer who worked on, among others, the Ford GT passed away on Saturday. The 56-year-old quietly retired in on July 1st, just a few weeks before losing his battle to cancer. "Chris was a talented designer, an inspiring leader and a friend to many people," Ford...
  3. IRS design criteria

    Road Racing
    I'm in the process of building a road coarse 67 flashback. I have built a box steel frame very similar to the one featured by art Morrison " g-machine frame". The front suspension is designed and built with unequal control arms. I was able to design what I wanted because there was an abundance...