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  1. GT headlight switch wire help

    5.0L Tech
    I recently bought a new plug for my headlight switch on my 92 GT. i cut my wires so i can splice them into the new wires but when I got everything together half of my stuff like park lights and dash lights didn't work. does anyone have a diagram that shows what wires do what on the car?
  2. Service manual for 1976 Cobra II 2.8L?

    Mustang II Tech
    I bought my 1976 Cobra a few months ago, and it's come time to do some wrenching as the fuel pump has gone out. I was wondering if anyone has a PDF of a service manual, or a parts diagram for this car? I know I can chase fuel lines and all that jazz, but I prefer to look at maps before getting...
  3. 2007 SJB Wiring

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    I had the passenger leaking problem and need to change the SJB, I haven't found one that fits my car but I found one that is almost the same, the problem is that in the back of the SJB in the upper left corner there is a connector with a P1 label on it, mine has it but the one I found doesn't...
  4. Request: 1970 Mustang dash diagram

    Classic Tech
    I am working on a customer's 1970 Mach 1 and have need some help getting everything in the correct place. Particularly, I need to know the mounting locations for the dash brackets around the steering column, like these: 1970 Mustang Brake Pedal Support-To-Dash Bracket The triangular bracket...
  5. 4.6 3v stock throttle body/intake manifold flange dimensions

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hey all, As the title says, I'm wondering if anyone has a dimensioned diagram of the flange on the backside of the throttle body. I'm in a metals lab this quarter, and my ta is letting me make a throttle body spacer as a substitute for another required project. I took it off and measured it...
  6. 1967 Mustang Coupe frame diagram

    Classic Tech
    I just purchased a 1967 Mustang Coupe, 90,000 original miles. Does anyone know where I can find a diagram of the frame? Thanks
  7. 1987 coupe headlight help

    hi all! i just bought my first foxbody this week which started life as a 2.3 automatic lx,well the p.o. swapped in a 5.0 and never finished it this is were i come in everything works on the car but the headlights and turn signals,ive done searches for hours and cant find a good headlight wiring...
  8. Radar Detector hard wiring question. Please help.

    SVT Cobra Tech
    So I have a '96 Cobra and an Escort Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector (RD). I want to hard wire the RD in but don't know the best way to route the wire. Has anyone hard wired a RD in and know a good route to route the wires. Also, what is the best was to wire it so that it will turn on/off with...
  9. Ford Service manual program install issue

    4.6L Tech
    I downloaded the 2000-2004 Ford Service Manual in an ISO format and installed it on my XP, Win7. Since the diagrams would not open and gave me OBDC errors I tried to install it on windows 98 and it said I am missing system components. Does any one know what are the requirements in order to...
  10. 1995 mustang G.T. coupe stereo wiring harness diagram?

    Audio, Video, Navigation & Alarms
    I have a 1995 ford mustang G.T. with a dash full of fords wonderfully confusing stereo harness with 6-7 plugs for the stock radio. my question is, does anybody have a diagram displaying which wires are which. im trying to connect my after market stereo but i cant find a diagram. any help is very...
  11. 1989 Mustang 5.0 GT O2 sensor wiring harness help needed

    5.0L Tech
    We've picked up a 1989 Mustang with a 5.0L engine and 5-speed transmission. Unfortunately, there's no wiring harness from the oxygen sensors into the main harness. We need the 8-pin connector schematic for how it connects into the main harness. We've been scouring forums and all we've been...
  12. 2002 Mustang GT Windows dont work??

    4.6L Tech
    just got a 2002 mustang gt and when i got it my windows dont work?? i tried looking for the fuse but i dont have a fuse box diagram to see which one it is??? i tested all though but still cant find the fuse... when i got it the guy said it was the switch, but not even the passanger window...
  13. 67 Mustang brake blinker diagram

    Classic Tech
    I baught a 67 Mustang out of a barn, A critter ate all the wires under the dash to the brakes and blinkers, I can turn on the blinkers and the flasher works and even the lights come on on the dash. Even the emergency flasher works, But I have no brake lights or turn signal to the lights in the...
  14. Need early 1965 Mustang Coupe Chassis/Body alignment specifications.

    Classic Tech
    I'm going to weld the cowl, floor pans, front sub frames, and radiator with radiator support back on and it all measures within spec... however, I need measurements from the aprons were the fenders bolt up to. If anyone knows anything about the cross measurements please let me know... I have a...
  15. 1987 Mustang gt loose wires under dash

    5.0L Tech
    ive got my 87 gt i just took the dash out for painting, went to clean up some wires, ive got loose ends in a few places and some loose factory plugs mostly in the radio harness one brown one grey among a few smaller ones in various places, i dont know if the plugs are for options my car didnt...
  16. 2001 Mustang, Rough Idle, misfire on cylinders 1 and 3

    V6 Tech
    Hey guys, well, i have a 2001 mustang convertible, and i went to get my car washed yesterday. When i left the car wash, the car started misfiring. I was wondering if someone would happen to have a spark plug diagram for the 2001 v6 mustang. Well, a picture would be better, with microsoft paint...
  17. 2001 Mustang V6 3.8L Convertible fuse box diagram

    V6 Tech
    Hi everyone:wavey... Quick, but concise explanation. I have to replace my Camshaft Synchronizer soon because I'm hearing a squeaking noise. It's a 2001 Mustang V6 3.8L convertible with auto transmission. With it I'm suppose to disconnect the fuel pump fuse but I don't know where it is located...
  18. cobra intake questions

    5.0L Tech
    so i bought a cobra intake:headscratch: but the under side of the cobra and stock don't have the same inlets and outlets and im not sure how to put it back together. also the valve on the lower cobra looks different than the stock one. i would greatly appreciate and guide or diagrams for the...
  19. 2000 Suspension Diagram

    V6 Tech
    Does anybody know where I can get a good diagram of my 2000 mustang's suspension? I just want to get to know my suspension a little better. thank you. :D
  20. 2005, 2008 Shaker 500 wiring pinout difference?

    Audio, Video, Navigation & Alarms
    Hi, I swapped a 2005 Shaker 500 for a 2008 Shaker 500. Aside from the different way CD's are played, I wanted an input jack for my mp3 player / video player (AT&T Tilt). Does anyone know what the pinouts are for the 2008 aux inputs? I can set the wires into the back of the harness if I...