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  1. 66 Mustang stalls when acceleration

    Classic Tech
    Ok my 66 Mustang inline 6 or 6 cylinder when I'm driving it for some reason if like I was to floorboard it,,It try's to die on me it also seems like its missing its getty up anyways today I put new plugs and plug wires in it and it still does the same nothing has changed PLEASE HELP
  2. 1990 mustang engine dies

    5.0L Tech
    i have a 1990 mustang 5.0 and im having problems with the engine staying on. stock engine just recently changed upper and lower intake with a bbk ssi intake along with a 70mm bbk throttle and bbk cold air intake. the car starts fine it idles fine aswell but after i accelerate it dies. check...
  3. Can someone please help me?

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    I own a beautiful 2006 mustang that I have no plans of getting rid of, however it is giving me SO many problems! When i idle (at a stop light, stop sign, etc.) my car will sometimes die, and restarting only when it wants to. Although the service engine soon and check engine light come on (only...
  4. 1966 289 sputtering at 55-60mph after 13 miles

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys/gals. This is my first post and first project car (although im not completely mechanically deficient). I have a 1966 289 that is pretty much original. I bought it a few months ago and want to learn how everything works along the way so I dont mind replacing things as I go... needed or...
  5. 1982 2.3L NA won't start after being driven

    2.3L Tech
    Hello, I have a 1982 Mustang GL 2.3L N.A. with the stock holley 5200 carburetor. At first the car starts up fine, however after being driven for a few minutes and turned off, the car won't start again. I have tried everything I know to get it started, I have even sprayed a little starting fluid...
  6. whats up fellas~93~2.3n/a~coupe~Died

    2.3L Tech
    Hello as you see in my title i gotta 93 2.3na (8plug-fuel injected) i have always maintained my car i have had her for 6 years and never been out of service this long(2months). one night i drove home from work and about 30 minutes later i hope back into my car to go out n she wouldnt start the...
  7. 1970 Mach1 Mustang suddenly dies...

    Classic Tech
    Hi, I have a 1970 grabber blue mach1 and iv been having this problem for a while now. It will start just fine but when the engine warms up it will just die, it wont sputter at all, just stops. It'll do this to me while going down the road as well. After it dies it always starts right back up...
  8. 1988 Mustang 5.0 starts dies after while rest and repeat

    5.0L Tech
    alright i look this up tried different things and in the end still dont have anything got an 88 5.0 with aod trans so the problem is this i can get the car to start it will run for a while then it will start fighting to stay alive dropping to 500 rpm then it will fight jumping to 1500 and back...
  9. 1984 mustang 5.0 rebuilt carburetor now dies as soon as started

    5.0L Tech
    My 1984 5.0 was stalling as I was driving down the road. I let it sit a few minutes and it would start again. Definitly a fuel problem, not electrical. getting fuel to the mechanical fuel pump on the side of the engine, the fuel pump is pretty new, but when it stalled there was no fuel in the...
  10. 5.0 TPS 0.98 E303 Cam, dies!

    5.0L Tech
    Just set my TPS to 0.98 and with the E303 cam it idles a little to low, low enough so that when comming to a stop and push in the clutch the engine dies.
  11. 1966 mustang starts but idles rough then dies

    Classic Talk
    it is a 289 with a 2 barrel carb. it takes a few tries to get it to start. i got it to run for 1 minute once. usually lasts 15 seconds until it dies. what could be the problem. i just rebuilt the carb, but it didn't help. could it be the idle screws aren't adjusted properly?
  12. 1993 Mustang LX convertible loses power and dies randomly

    2.3L Tech
    So the other day i was going to work when the car just randomly died. after coasting to the side of the road it fired right back up. it then proceeded to do ti 3 or 4 more times on the way into town. its been doing it for a couple days now. only ever did it while driving until today it was...
  13. P1414 Check Engine Light

    V6 Tech
    Okay so i was washing my engine off when I believe I accidently got water on the right blinker wires that were stripped to allow power to get to the halo headlights. well I go to turn on my car and it starts, and then starts to putter and go down to way below one RPM and then die. I also noticed...
  14. cant keep my 1991 Mustang fox body 5.0 HO running

    5.0L Tech
    I'm new so please bear with me...:so. I transplanted the above5.0 into a factory 5 Mk3 (AC Cobra replica) I didn't change anything but removed the Air cond. and the Pwr steering and since getting the engine wired up (and rehosed) I can't keep her running at an idle. She revs but konks out...