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dip stick

  1. Share the info from your Helms (or similar) manual for 1990 5.0?! Diagrams needed.

    5.0L Talk
    Hi. I am in need of a diagram(s) showing/including the oil/dip stick. It needs to show where the bracket is attached to the block & where it goes into the oil pan (including any seals etc.). If you have a manual & would be willing to shoot me a scanned page or two I would be MOST...
  2. 1989 5.0 Oil Level Confusion

    5.0L Tech
    I bought a used 89 automatic 5.0. In well kept condition. I have not put many km on it. 3000? Oil level reads normal, full. In Summer 2010 I did an oil change. Only 1L of oil came out. 4.4L went in. The dip stick was then about 3" higher than the full mark. Summer 2011, I get the car out for...
  3. 65 Mustang I6 200/3.3L - Excessive amounts of oil being expelled from engine

    Classic Tech
    Good Day Everyone, Long story short, what causes lots of oil to be expelled from the engine valve cover breather and oil dipstick tube while having decent compression and a working PCV? Vehicle: 1965 Mustang I6 200/3.3L Stock engine except for Duraspark Conversion Issue: At highway speeds...