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  1. Question on Tbird T/C rear end

    5.0L Tech
    I have found a guy on Craigslist claiming he has a T/C rear end for sale that he ordered back in 1995 and then never used it. but the pic of the rear end looks like a standard mustang rear end with drum brakes. So my question is did the T/C's only come with disk in the rear or did they have drum...
  2. Power drum brakes problem

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys i'm working on my buddies 65 mustang and decided to upgrade to power drum brakes, he will upgrade to disk later. He got the ssbc a28143 1965 FORD MUSTANG SSBC Master Cylinder and Booster Assemblies A28143 - I hooked it all up to the back port at first because i didn't...
  3. 1966 mustang brakes

    Hi guys, i just aquired a '66 289 coupe that the previous owner had a disk conversion done to the front. Problem is that it a 'BEAR' to stop. My other '65 with standard drum brakes is much easier to stop. Does anyone know if going to a P/B booster would make that much of an improvement on the...
  4. disk break conversion steering issue

    Classic Tech
    I swapped out my drum brakes on my 66 coupe with disks from a 69. They work well but the calipers hit the steering stop on the strut bars limiting my turning. Can I take these stops off or do I risk oversteering and binding my assembly. I have manual steering. Id like to keep the later brakes...
  5. 1967 Disk Brake Conversion Brake Line Help

    Classic Tech
    I purchased a disk brake kit for my car (front only) and have the new brakes put on the spindles, but I am needing some help with the new master cylinder and how it ties into the distribution block and proportioning valve which came with kit- Anyone have any flow diagrams which show how all of...
  6. '66 disk conversion using '68 spindles

    Classic Tech
    Ok, new guy here...but old guy with old cars. I have a barn find '66 coupe, 289, all #'s matching that I am restoring and plan to use spindles from a '68 coupe for disk conversion. I have not taken any measurements yet, but I have heard that to do so, I should use '70 rotors and calipers. Any...