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  1. Rear Ends that bolt up to a 77 cobra??

    Mustang II Tech
    Hi there, I'm in the process of building a 77 cobra, but I need a new rear end. I'm looking for one that I could find somewhat easily (local junk yard or something) that would be an exact or close match to the original in length. I am not opposed to using a rear end from another Ford vehicle, I...
  2. Donor car questions

    5.0L Tech
    For my 88 5.0L i was thinkin of buying a 93 4cyl as a donor, dependin on what the guy says, he doeant really want to part it out, anyways, i was wondering what i can and cannot use? Like i might want his cluster, entire dash possibly, seatbelts and can any of the engine things be used for mine...
  3. Repop vs. Donor Car-Can everything be salvaged?

    Classic Tech
    I just bought my first classic mustang (1970 sportsroof) and it is true to my profile name. It is a rustbucket that needs a new floor, radiator support, battery tray, and a few other structural items. I wanted to know if I can pull all this from a donor car. I have the opportunity to buy a...