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  1. Drag Racing
    Hey guys, Have an opportunity to get some 15 drag wheels for my 06 auto gt. I can get 8" or 10" wheels with M/T 275/60/15 radials. I am running 17" now with M/T 275/40's. If I go with the 10", should I go to a larger tire 295/55 or 325/50 or should I stick with the 295/60's. I get excellent...
  2. Drag Racing
    I have narrowed my choices for a starter drag tires and wheel combo and would like to hear if anybody thinks one is better than the other or any other advice. I am going to go with a 17" wheel to start and am looking at a 17 x 9 with M/T 26/11.5/17 (275/40/17 or a 17 x 10 with M/T 295/45/17...
1-2 of 2 Results