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  1. 2013 Mustang RTR Prototype: We Swiped the Keys from Vaughn

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    We had some incredible good fortune a few weeks back at Formula Drift Round 4 at Wall Stadium. Vaughn Gittin Jr., gave us a walkaround of his 2013 RTR prototype and we were able to borrow the car to cruise the Jersey Shore for a few hours. It was ridiculously hot that day, but the car was even...
  2. Vaughn Gittin Jr's 2013 Mustang

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    I had the pleasure to attend the 2012 Formula Drift finals at Wall Stadium in Wall, NJ. It was really awesome to see Vaughn Gittin Jr win first place in his new 2013 Mustang. It was incredible watching his pit crew reattach pieces of his vehicle within minutes between each runs. Here are some...
  3. 'Drifting' in my Mustang GT

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hey guys! So I decided to make this video of an attempt to drift around a roundabout. Iv'e always been a big fan of drifting. Its the best thing I like to do, after drag racing. What do you think? Mustang GT Drifting On a Roundabout! HD - YouTube
  4. V6 to V8 and Drifting

    V6 Tech
    I read the sticky on doing an engine swap but I still have some questions. Pretty much I have a 2000 Ford Mustang V6 and the ultimate goal is to set up a drifting car. I want to know if any of you can give me a ballpark on how much it would cost to get a swap to a 6 speed? I currently have a 5...
  5. 1966 Mustang pulling to the right after alignment

    Classic Tech
    We have a 1966 coupe, 289 engine, with power assist steering, with 45k original miles. I believe that the front suspension and steering system is original. I have P195/75R14 radial tires. The car began to pull to the right recently, so I took it to get an alignment. It was pretty hard...
  6. Drifting in a 2011 V6 Mustang?

    2011 - 2014 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hey everyone, I'm pretty new here and I've mostly just lurked these forums. I bought a 2011 Mustang V6 Base model with the manual transmission for money/insurance reasons (19 year old with a barely two year license) back in Feb. (sorry for the intro) Would it be possible to sling around a bone...
  7. help need changing wired harness to do the basics!!

    hello everyone im on this forum so please if im making errors please let me know what im trying to do is rewiring my fox body mustang just to have the main things like engine, lights, alt, im not planing to use a key anymore so i need to put a start button if somebody has done it please help me...
  8. 2010 Mustang Drfiting in Japan Gittin Jr.

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Have you guys been checking out the videos of Vaughn Gittin Jr. in Japan with the 2010 Mustang? He drifts the most famous courses in Japan along with the best Japanese drivers. YouTube - fordmustang's Channel The footage is cool and the Mustang/Gittin are awesome. They are up to Chapter 3...