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  1. Fortes Parts Connection in Framingham MA

    New England
    Hi We're the last of our kind here in New England, a real speed shop offering it all. Engines, transmissions, rear ends and everything in between are available through us. Come and check out our website and Youtube page, we're also on Facebook. Mike Forte Fortes Parts Connection 40 Pearl st...
  2. 2000 V6 Manual Driveline Issues?

    V6 Tech
    Hello all, I just bought my Mustang about a month ago and after the euphoria wore off, I am now left realizing that I may have some serious driveline issues. There are a ton of different "symptoms" my Stang is exhibiting that has me a little worried. Any help on what may be the issue is highly...
  3. 1968 Mustang T5 Swap

    Classic Tech
    Just performed a T5 swap using crossmember, adapter kit, etc from modern driveline and the T5 + other parts (I.e. Bell housing, starter) from a 1986 mustang. I have a 302 btw, power brakes, borgeson steering. Installation went smoothly, I got everything in and went for a test drive. I love the...
  4. Car Vibrates When Releasing Clutch In First/Car Bounces in Second

    SVT Cobra Tech
    So I bought a 99 Cobra Vert. Deff am not new to sticks but I've never had this problem before. When I'm at a stop and I start to go the car vibrates until the clutch is fully released. If I let it out kind of hard or quicker than when I do regualarly (I baby it ) it does not do it. Could this...
  5. 1968 axle housing data plate

    Classic Tech
    ok, so im trying to figure out the axle on my car, there is no data plate in the door, but there is a data plate on the pumpkin, I was able to clean it well enough to get these numbers off it CZ-F 9LA 008 931A Im having a hard time finding anything on the web to help me decode it, any...
  6. My ridiculous 2011 GT Mods Saga: parts and vendor reviews, vibration problem solved

    2011 - 2014 Mustang GT Tech
    All, I special ordered my 2011 GT in March '10 and received it in July. I checked alot of option boxes and it came as a Sterling Grey with Machined-Face Aluminum wheels, automatic transmission, HID headlights, security package, comfort package, remote start, navigation and glass roof...