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  1. Question on Tbird T/C rear end

    5.0L Tech
    I have found a guy on Craigslist claiming he has a T/C rear end for sale that he ordered back in 1995 and then never used it. but the pic of the rear end looks like a standard mustang rear end with drum brakes. So my question is did the T/C's only come with disk in the rear or did they have drum...
  2. 1969 Grande wheel fitment on all around drums?

    Classic Tech
    Hi everybody, I have a 1969 Grande with all around drum brakes that I believe are factory. I need to know the right size, offset and amount of backspacing I need for proper fitment. If you have any knowledge on the subject please let me know asap. Thanks in advance, Aidan
  3. Power drum brakes problem

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys i'm working on my buddies 65 mustang and decided to upgrade to power drum brakes, he will upgrade to disk later. He got the ssbc a28143 1965 FORD MUSTANG SSBC Master Cylinder and Booster Assemblies A28143 - I hooked it all up to the back port at first because i didn't...
  4. 1966 Mustang drum to disc conversion

    Hello Mustang Forums! I own a 1966 v6 Mustang and after a drum brake scare yesterday (had a lot of trouble slowing down on the freeway... but I'm alive!) I'm looking into doing a drum to disc brake conversion. I talked to my normal mechanic (shout out to Mustang Brother's in San Bruno, CA)...
  5. 66 Mustang Front Drum - Hub Interference

    Classic Tech
    I'm replacing the 10" front drums on my V8-66. The old drum/hub assembly had an interference fit that I had to press out. The replacement drum does not have the same interference. Is this something I should be worried about, or will torqueing the wheel on be enough to take up the slack...
  6. How many brake options were available for early 1965 -1966 Mustangs?

    Classic Talk
    I'm working in an auto parts store and I'm looking into fully understanding the different brake options that were available for early mustangs. So for starters, on early 1965 and 1966 mustangs, what different drum brake options were available at the time, and what models would most likely have...
  7. Brake shoes replacement

    Classic Tech
    Help.. i have a 67 all around brake drums and needed shoe shoes for it.. i never worked on this before i would like to see some videos on it if y'all can help? i try you tube.. but some vids skip the part i need to know.. and most of their vehicle is not a mustang.. so mines is a lil different...
  8. 1966 mustang brakes

    Hi guys, i just aquired a '66 289 coupe that the previous owner had a disk conversion done to the front. Problem is that it a 'BEAR' to stop. My other '65 with standard drum brakes is much easier to stop. Does anyone know if going to a P/B booster would make that much of an improvement on the...
  9. 1968 Mustang Coupe - Wheel Vibration Shakes Whole Car.

    Classic Tech
    So my brake drums were way way way out of spec and the other day I was driving and the outside of the band broke loose frome the plate on the drum. Anyways I went and bought new drums and were replacing them. My question now is why does it vibrate? I lined up the hub, and pressed the studs in...
  10. 1990 mustang parking brake cables inst. help

    5.0L Tech
    i drive a 1990 mustang and today i installed new parking brake cables because when i bought the car it had none at all just little stubs that came out of the drum brake in the rear... so i go them all installed and it just seemed like there was 2 much cabble... 1st question is how long are the...
  11. How hard is it to change the front spindles on a 1968 mustang

    Classic Tech
    I was wondering how hard it was to change the front spindles on my 1968 mustang. Im looking to convert them from drum to disc brakes.