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  1. Installing a 3" inlet/outlet Magnaflow on a 2000 Mustang V6?

    Okay, so i have a 2000 Mustang V6. The previous owner put true dual catbacks on the car and thought a pair of SLP Loudmouth Resonators would sound real good seeing as they do sound pretty sick on a Mustang GT. However they dont on the V6. Now ... he got the piping done properly by american...
  2. Catted X Pipe and MAC cat back good idea?

    V6 Talk
    Hey guys I want to upgrade my exhaust system because one of my cats went bad this week and I think it will be a good idea to upgrade my exhaust and not buy the stock one, so I want to know if an X pipe and MAC duals will sound good together? My friend has the stock Y pipe and MAC duals and I...
  3. Mustang V6 Dual Flowmaster 40's exhaust clip

    V6 Talk
    Never got around to post this clip on the forum but i finally got rid of the ricey glasspacks and got a good sounding exhaust. tell me what ya guys think rate 1 -10. Mustang V6 True Duals with Flowmaster Original 40 series mufflers out to 3in tips...
  4. New member, 2003 Mustang

    :grinroll: Hi, new to this site, just wanted to say hello.
  5. ~NewTakeOff Exhaust Help~

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    im finally getting my dual exhaust. the newtakeoff. and im going to install it myself. i have the tools and shop. i just need a video or step by step installation guide. theres a video from stangtv of installation but it just shows quick clips of the installation. so if anybody has step by...
  6. Found out why I'm getting a misfire!

    V6 Tech
    So I finally found out whats giving me the misfire. Its one of my cats! I never thought of that! One of the cats is completely clogged and fried and it's not letting the exhaust through so the only place left for the exhaust to go is back into the engine!!! Anywho... What I wanna do is get the...
  7. 98 V6 Mustang Exhaust Tips Size

    V6 Tech
    Hey guys, Im about half way done saving what I need to have saved to get duals done on my car. Ive been looking around online at mufflers and tips because I think Im going to bring my own to the shop. I think I know what Im doing for mufflers but I dont know what to do for tips. Please tell me...
  8. Do My Own Exhaust

    V6 Tech
    Hi guys, I get my license in October and I really want to have duals on my 98 V6 by then. I am working at a supermarket and cannot and will not (most likely), be able to afford the $500 fee that my local exhaust shop quoted me. I have a neighbor that welds and i was wondering, would it be...