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duraspark ii

  1. 1966 Mustang Duraspark II Power Source

    Classic Tech
    I have a Duraspark II and Accel Superstock coil that draws power from the original red/green wire to the coil at 9 volts. My car runs well, but after seeing Mustang Steve's diagram (attached), I wonder if I should be concerned with my wiring. My resistor wire is still in place, and my brown...
  2. duraspark ii module shorts out when grounded

    5.0L Tech
    My 1984 mustang 5.0 4bbl has not been able to start due to no spark. With my control module plugged into the distributor, I only get 1.7 volts to the coil. When I unplug it, the voltage goes back to 12.8. I have a new module, pickup, coil, I unhooked the connector to the the distributor and...
  3. 1984 Mustang Duraspark ii ignition control module

    5.0L Tech
    I haven't been able to get my car to start. Its definitly in the ignition system. I had 12.8 volts to both coil wires but I couldn't get any spark from the coil. I had the module tested at autozone and it passed. I put a new coil on and no difference. I also installed a new magnetic pickup...
  4. 1984 Mustang5.0 4bbl won't start. No spark. tried everything

    5.0L Tech
    The engine harness (coil wires, temp wire, distributor to ignition module, a/c, some wires for the carb and vapor canister) had a lot of frayed wires so I built a new harness. I left out the wires for the carb and vapor deal because my new carburetor doesn't use them.. When it was done I...