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edelbrock 1406

  1. Edelbrock Carb Problem

    Classic Tech
    Hey all, Today I installed a Performer RPM and a Edelbrock 600cfm electric choke carb on a 351w. I got the distributor dialed in and adjust the carb well and the engine was running great. I took the car out and the car felt strong and then all of a sudden the engine quits. I pulled over and...
  2. Edelbrock Secondaries Lock

    Classic Tech
    Okay so I have an edelbrock 1406 and I have a question about the secondaries. When I manually pull the throttle when the car is off, the secondaries only open slightly because a lock plate hooks around a notch on the secondary shaft and keeps them from opening. The rebuilt kit i bough calls this...
  3. edelbrock performer package on 289

    Classic Tech
    Right now i got a 65 289 c code with a few aftermarket stuff on it. edelbrock carburetor 600cfm, performer 289 manifold, tri y headers and patronix ignition and its a c4 automatic. Im looking at getting the performer plus cam and edelbrock performer heads. Does anyone run this and how much of...
  4. Carburetor Question

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    Hi, I have a 1966 couple with a 289 v8 and c4 transmission. I bought a performer high rise dual plane intake manifold and I'm planning on getting a 4bbl carb (I was looking at the Edelbrock #1406, 600cfm electric choke). A buddy of mine told me that if I do this, I'll have to change the cam...
  5. Switching from Holley 1850-4 to Edelbrock 1406 problems

    Classic Tech
    I just purchased a new Edelbrock 1406 to replace the Holley 1850-4. I mounted the 1406 and the linkage for the secondaries hits my valve covers, which are the FORD SVO tall valve covers for roller rockers. I figured I would install a 1/2" carb spacer to alleviate this problem. My question is...
  6. Distributor Vacuum Advance Hook Up for 289

    Classic Tech
    Hey All: I have a '65 289 in my coupe and have installed a 1406 Edelbrock carburetor on a Edelbrock 2121 intake manifold. I also have a pertronix ignitor electronic point kit installed in the distributor. Do I need to hook up the vacuum advance and if so, where would I hook it up on the...