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  1. 94 AODE/W trans controller help needed !

    5.0L Tech
    Ok guys and gals, Heres what I have. 1948 ford F3 truck all mustang underneath. 1991 5.0 HO efi to carb swap already done. 94 AODE/W trans installed. 97 mustang rear axle. 2005 Crown vic front suspension.(still ford ;) ) Heres my issue. How do I control the transmission? I already know about...
  2. might have an eec issue, but i need more info

    2.3L Tech
    ok, heres the problem. i had an issue with the timing belt walking, but a new belt guide fixed that problem. unfortunately when i went to pick up the mustang it wouldnt start. turns out the primary fire coil pack died. put a new one on and it ran fine a couple times, then it was hard to start...
  3. 1999 Mustang GT Kevin from PA

    I've never been a stranger to the forums as they always come in handy but just decided to join. I'm Kevin :wavey and Mustangs have always been in my family as my father owning over 40 in his lifetime mostly between 64-69 and his last being the 1994 cobra official indy pace car. I've had 3...
  4. a9t? Help Please!!!!!

    5.0L Tech
    I want to learn more about the a9t computer. Some places I have read it is nothing special. On the other hand I have read alot about it being the SSP mustang (state trooper edition) computer and had a better tune for performance such as a leaner WOT. I bought it to perform a mass air conversion...
  5. 1995 Mustang V6 X-Cal 2/Livewire Tuner Advice

    V6 Tech
    Has anyone used the X-Cal or Livewire tuner on their 94-95 V6? I'd like to know what your experience was and if it was worthwhile... -- Steve
  6. 1988 Mustang LX MAF left half done?

    5.0L Tech
    I have an '88 5.0 mustang LX, it was running when I got it and it came with a Mass airflow conversion on it.... or so I thought. I did a motor swap and as I was putting the wiring back together I couldn't find out where to splice the cut off MAF wires. After further investigation, I found that...
  7. finnaly pulled the engine codes help me out

    5.0L Tech
    ok so i have a bad surging idle so i pulled some codes here you go 66 - , MAF signal below minimum test voltage of .4vdc (O,M,R), Temperature Circuit Grounded (M,O) 21 - Engine Coolant Temperature, ECT Sensor Out Of Self Test Range. 0.3 volts (250°F) to 3.7 volts (50°F)(O,R) 18 - Spark Out...
  8. 1986 Mustang GT With 1994 Mustang GT Computer

    5.0L Tech
    I just installed a 94 mustang 5.0 auto computer (U4P0) in my 86 mustang, and it doesn't quite run properly. When cold it will stumble if given more than about 1/4 throttle and when hot it just doesn't appear to have the power it had before. My 86 has a 5-speed. Has anyone else done this swap...
  9. Wanting to convert to Distributorless Ignition

    5.0L Tech
    I'm looking to convert my 93 5.0 to DIS. Mostly to get the distributor out of the way of a custom supercharger setup. I know the EEC IV has the capability to control the DIS spark so I'd like to stay with it. I have a tweecer so I can make the necessary changes. Coil-on-plug would be nice but I...
  10. Best EEC Code Reader For 1992 Mustang GT

    5.0L Tech
    Hello All, I have a check engine light that comes one when driving the car for a bit. It doesn't always come on just sometimes. I went to Auto Zone to see if they could read the codes for me but they said they didn't have a machine to do it and that I needed to go to the mechanic. I was...