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  1. 1990 5.0 motor exhaust? Roush??

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 1990 efi motor going into my 66 mustang and I am trying to find the right exhaust. Does anyone have roush exhaust or mufflers at least on their 5.0 motor? I have a completely stock motor and want to find the right sound, so link me some videos of how yours sounds if its stock! No built...
  2. 1966 Mustang 5.0 efi Swap (help please)

    Classic Tech
    Posted a few questions in here, but need some more help. I am putting a 1990 mustang 5.0 in my car with efi. I already have a t5 that I am using in it with my 200ci l6. I already have 8" rear, v8 suspension, 5 lug, v8 steering linkage, and everything. This is not to be told I need those parts...
  3. EFI Upgrade Problem

    Classic Tech
    Hello All! I am thinking of upgrading my 1967 289 Mustang to EFI. I am about to pull the trigger but the EFI unit requires a tach signal, and the mustang I have does not have a tach signal so I have nothing to jump the signal off of. My question is, even though I do not have a tachometer in...
  4. I love my EFI conversion on a 460 Big Block

    Mustang Tech
    Hello to all I love the site what a resource for all mustang and Ford guys. My purpose for this post is to share my wonderful experience in converting my carburetor powered 460 beast to the wonderful world of EFI. I had lots of the simple but irritating traditional problem (flooding, points...
  5. Most Fuel Efficient EEC-IV for 65 Fastback?

    Classic Tech
    Hey guys, I just got into the classics and was just looking up ways to make my 65 mustang fastback more fuel efficient (yes, I understand there are priuses out there... but I'm sure you can understand why I would want a 65 fastback over a prius). I have a mallory ignition, and am now looking...
  6. FUEL LINE Question (please help)

    5.0L Tech
    I am converting my 84GT (carbed) to an EFI setup from a 93GT. Can I use the stock 84 fuel tank and lines the way they are, and just add an inline fuel pump?
  7. 1995 Ford Mustang GT

    5.0L Tech
    okay so my car was working fine, until this morning that i was driving and i pulled over to pump gas, when i got back on to turn on the car to leave it just didnt wanna start.. and my battery wasnt dead and it did have gas even before i went to pump gas.. it just seems to not transport gas to...
  8. 5.0 EFI into 68 coupe! Expert advice needed

    Classic Tech
    hey this is a general question i have... what parts of the 1986-1993 EFI Mustang GT can be put into my 68 Coupe I6? - I had the bright idea of purchasing a beat up early 5.0EFI mustang with good running motor, and swapping it into my 68. - if i were to do that will suspension/ brakes/ rear...
  9. 1965 I6 to 302 EFI swap. Need help!

    5.0L Tech
    I have already changed out the rear axle and upgraded the front end to handle the V8. I dropped in the engine yesterday and I have now begun to start the wiring issue, the only problem is I don't know where to start. The engine is a 302 H.O. from a Lincoln Mark VII, I know its speed density but...
  10. EFI conversion 302

    Classic Tech
    I am thinking of converting my 68 302 to EFI. has anyone done this on their own? I have seen a lot of info regarding this swap, but wanted to hear from those who have done this. I have a donor EFI system from an 89 5.0 including the computer, etc. I believe I need to buy a conversion harness to...