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  1. What headers for 67 Mustang EFI swap w/cable clutch

    Classic Tech
    I have a 67 Cougar and am doing an EFI swap from a 90 Mustang and I need to know what headers anyones used in the swapping process. All the forums I searched where people have performed them they just list "headman headers, MAC headers, etc...", but no p/n. From what I gathered, on the drivers...
  2. O2 sensors... running them or not

    5.0L Tech
    O2 sensors. I am finishing up an EFI swap on my 68 using 5.0 set up with A9l. I'm currently idling rough and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it runs perfect and other times it doesn't want to go at all. Could not running O2 sensors make this motor so unpredictable? I'm learning all this as I go...
  3. 302fuel injector firing order

    5.0L Tech
    So here is what I have. Original 289 block with a 302 FI setup. A9L computer. I know there is a difference in the firing order on the came from 289---302. I know the 289 firing order, what is the difference? It runs rough right now because the injectors are firing before the intake valve opens...
  4. 68 289 EFI project

    5.0L Tech
    Okay, so here is the deal. I am fuel injecting a 289 using 5.0 liter parts. Fox lower and sn95 upper. Fox IAC and 2000 Explorer 5.0 TPS. The TPS is different from the fox TPS. I've ran the wires. The reference voltage is 4.9V. The return Voltages is 4.9V. And it should not be. The input...