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  1. 1985 GT TBI. Should I get it rebuilt? Take it it to a shop to look it over?

    5.0L Talk
    I just created my account earlier today, so forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong spot. I read some of the rules on tech vs talk and have determined that the following best goes here. I apologize if I am wrong. Note: I am mechanically inclined, but I have no history at all on engine...
  2. EFI 5.0 need Help wiring EEC/Fuel Pump Relays

    Classic Tech
    So I've wired up the relays and i'm trying to start my car which is a 1966 mustang with a 5.0/T-5 from a 1991 mustang. The fuel pump kicks on fine when I ground the wire at the EEC Test Connector. But when I switch the ignition to run the relays don't seem to turn on. I have the switched 12v...
  3. 1966 Mustang Ignition Starts in "RUN"

    Classic Tech
    I wired up my ignition based off of the pictures attached and it cranks in run instead of start. I got the red/blue wire from the ignition going to starter side of solenoid, yellow wire from ignition going to battery side of solenoid, then the red/green wire going to small post of the solenoid...
  4. Need 5.0 EFI Wiring Help

    Classic Tech
    So I have a 1966 Mustang that's finally getting close to being running. Mainly I need to finish the hydraulic clutch and brake system and then the entire car wiring harness. It's got an EFI 5.0 out of a 1988 Mustang with a T-5. I'm using a 1991 Mass air harness with an A9L computer. Im then...
  5. 408 engine swap

    4.6L Tech
    I swapped my stock engine with a 408 stroker. I got an edelbrock efi system and I was wondering if I'd be able to remove the stock computer or is that connected to a lot of stuff like the tachometer, speedometer, fuel pump, etc? I just dont want to remove it and then find out that I need to put...
  6. 1988 Mustang GT engine swap crate motor question

    5.0L Tech
    I was noticing all the crate motors are carb and I do not want to switch to carb I want to keep efi. Should I just get one and switch it over to efi or go a different route?
  7. 1996 Explorer 5.0 swap efi standalone question

    5.0L Tech
    **Please reread as i posted this late at night and mixed up a distributor and carb.. yes i was that tired.. but have now fixed it** After gashing my forehead and getting glued up (don't ask) i got a full 5.0 with full harness and etc ... all but the computer as someone had nabbed it before me...
  8. 1966 Fastback Need Floor Pan Repair Help

    Classic Tech
    I've never restored a car before so I have some questions when welding in new floor pans. What thickness of metal should I use and where can I buy it at? I have floor pans already they just have surface rust and need cleaned up. What are the areas called in pictures #3 and #4 that the leaf...
  9. Anybody familiar with throttle body injection?

    Classic Tech
    I've been wanting for a long time to swap out the 2bbl carburetor for a 2bbl TBI system for my 1965 Mustang with a 200ci I6. I found a website called Affordable Fuel Injection and it's the cheapest TBI system I've seen so far Ford TBI Convesion Kit The affordable fuel injection is, I believe...
  10. 1967 Mustang Stock 289 Intake - EFI Help

    Classic Tech
    Okay, I first want to say thanks. I've been lurking and making some decisions about a path that I'd like to go, and would appreciate any feedback. I recently bought a stock C-code 289 2BBL 67 coupe. The engine is all stock, except the added vintage air A/C. It runs fairly well, but I'm a...
  11. Hi there. New to forum and am looking forward to getting to know users.

    Hi there. I have been reading posts from these forums for five years and finally decided to join so I could ask some questions, get some greaqt answers and reply to some other questions since I have done a restomod on my 1967 Mustang Coupe. I have to look around to decide which forum to put my...
  12. 347 stroker dyno tune question??

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 347 stroker EFI and was told I needed to get it tuned at a DYNO as an SCT wont do it. Is that true? Would the DYNO be able to program my ECU straight up? I was hoping to get the SCT chip so I'd be able to switch between 3 settings on the fly. ANyone have any exp with this?
  13. MAF and EFI questions 88 5.0

    5.0L Tech
    While i know there are several threads across the internet on this. I just wanted to make sure that before i purchased everything i needed, that i got it right the first time and am on the right track. I have an 88 5.0 currently carbed going back to EFI. I have an 88 automatic donor car that i...
  14. 88 Mustang Carb back to Efi

    5.0L Tech
    So, The reverse has been covered a million times but, im not a mechanic so i wanted to get some clarity on what would be involved and what the best route might be. I picked up an 88 gt donor car with a good running motor so i should have all the parts i need but, what should be replaced with...
  15. EFI addition to 1978 Mustang II?

    Mustang II Tech
    What would be involved in adding a newer Mustang (say 90 something model) EFI system to my 1978 302 Mustang II? Is that possible? Will hood clear?
  16. 1988 lincoln town car 5.0 efi help.

    5.0L Tech
    Hi my name is Roy I'm from Houston tx and I'm restoring a 1988 Lincoln town car with a 5.0 efi, just trying to restore something different from anybody, car is looking great Ive spend over 20,000 dollars in the car, but now I have come down to the motor, I really want to keep the same 5.0efi but...
  17. 1965 Mustang 5.0 EFI conversion

    Classic Tech
    Hey everyone - I'm a long-time member of the forums but have not been on here in a good long time. I am just finished with college, found a job and I finally have the funds to begin working on my 1965 200ci mustang coupe automatic. I've had this car since 2005 and all I have done to it is...
  18. 1994 Mustang V6 - Se revoluciona o solo.

    Mexico and Latin America
    Hola buenas tardes, este es mi primer post en el foro. Tengo un Mustang 94 V6 3.8 Efi. Hace un tiempo comenzo a subir el nivel de revoluciones al encenderlo y queda revolucionado por un buen rato, aparte cuando voy en una zona de baja velocidad se me va revolucionando solo y tengo que ir...
  19. Convert 95 5.0 to old school motor

    Classic Tech
    Its a 95 5.0 out of a bronco it's of course efi. And has all the crap one o these motors has on it. Can I remove the efi and run a carb with my old iron intake . Can I bolt my mechanical fuel pump eccentric to the cam and throw my ok timing cover on it for mechanical pump. Can I used ok water...
  20. New Member - 1991 Mustang GT 5.0

    5.0L Tech
    Hey Everyone, We bought this car because I had to have it. A combination of sentimental reasons, plus, my 12 year old is a Mustang fanatic. It will not run and it is an EFI system. I am having some problems figuring it out. Where can I find an explanation of different fuel delivery...