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engine problems

  1. Car wont turn on , maybe computer problem?

    2.3L Tech
    Hey guys, I have a 88 mustang foxbody I'm restoring and have an issue with my starting of the car. So the car will be complete off with keys in my hand and still seemingly drawing unusual levels power from the battery, which kills the battery. But before the battery is dead, if the battery is...
  2. what to do with my 3.8l v6? engine problems...

    V6 Tech
    ok so i got a 35th anniversary mustang v6 3.8l. i have blown out a spark plug had a hiely coil(?) put in and it got blown out again the same one 5months later or so. i was told that the spark plug hole is stripped and corroded. i was told by one friend to just buy a new head, i was told by...
  3. 92 Mustang Engine Problems.

    2.3L Tech
    I have a 92 2.3L mustang that im trying to get up and running again, ive put alot of new parts into it be nothings seeming to help. The rpm is jumping around, and you can hear the engine miss every like 2 seconds. The engine codes are 121, 114, 223. Please help me! I have put new coil packs, new...
  4. 2001 Mustang engine running weird and abnormally loud?

    V6 Tech
    My 2001 v6 mustang has always made a weird sound from the engine when accelerating slowly at like 1,500-2,000ish rpm like a puttering/rattling sound and as I accelerate faster and at higher rpms it fades away into the engine's roar. I bought the car used and it's my first car so I've always...
  5. Wireing Harness Issues

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    I have recently installed an Eclipse AVN 6620 nav head unit in my car. While wiring it up i spliced the speed pulse signal wire into a blue wire w/yellow stripe inside the car below the glove box which i thought was the cars speed pulse wire. Now i have relocated the nav's speed pulse connection...
  6. 1995 Mustang GT-Engine stutter problems around 2000 rpm

    5.0L Talk
    Hello guys, this is my first post here. I have a 95 5 speed GT without any mod's to it. In the past month or two I have had problems with it starting and running. Sometimes it would, start sometimes it wouldn't. It would occasionally cut out while driving. We ended up replacing the...
  7. knocking under 1k rpm's

    V6 Tech
    my cars tends to knock or sputer a few times when i get under 1,000 RPM's i think it has something to do with the tuner i just got a few days ago, it has only been doing it since then. could it be my air/fuel ratio? or is there something really wrong with the engine?
  8. automatic 2005 Mustang V6 over rev while racing

    V6 Tech
    hey guys i was racing a hatchback the other day and i drive a automatic so i go from 1,2 then 3 for my rpms to be higher. but when i went into second my engine started to over rev and it finally stop. now my exhaust makes a weird noise and engine makes weird noises when it idels. i also feel...
  9. 1988 Mustang Gt H.O engine Knocking***Link to Video Included***

    5.0L Tech
    Hello all, My mustang GT H.O. turns on and the motor has a lot of movement and there's a serious ping/knock issue. I want to just write it off as the heads or floating valves. It turns on as you will see in the video. This is my first domestic and I'm trying to isolate a problem so I can start...