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engine shaking

  1. 1995 GT 302 5.0 with rough idle and weird behavior (with video)

    5.0L Tech
    So I recently got this manual 1995 GT with only 44k original miles, the car is great overall. BUT, I couldn't help but notice it has a rough idle (the engine shakes considerably but nothing too crazy) and can't maintain stable RPM's at idle (altough you can barely notice the difference, the...
  2. 2000 mustang v6 engine shaking

    V6 Tech
    hi. today i was changing the clutch, presure-plate,flyweel, clutch release fork, and fork pivot of my car. After i put everithing back on, i was planning test the car and see how all the new parts work. The problem is that the engine stared shaking when i turned it on. It shakes when idle or...