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  1. 1965 equalizer bar springs

    Classic Tech
    Does anyone know how many springs there are supposed to be in a 65 mustang z bar setup? The ones I know of are from the clutch pedal to firewall from the inside of the car. Also from the lower push rod to the clutch fork. I have heard that there may be a third one that goes on the top of the z...
  2. My 1985 GT has a factory Equalizer.. how rare is this??? HELP ME GET INFO PLZZZ

    5.0L Talk
    First of all, HELLO ALL. I am a new comer and this is my first post. I bought my 85 gt back in july 2007 with a blown motor. This is my 3rd mustang, and my 2nd GT. Well every other 85 Ive seen has the "info center" in the center console, ahead of the ashtray, with the car diagram and the dummy...