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  1. 351w Estimate

    Classic Tech
    Hey all, I was wondering if someone here could give me a reasonable estimate on what a 351w with a performer intake, 600cfm carb, Comp XE268h cam, Hedman mid length headers, full dual exhaust, electronic ignition but stock heads (soon to go) would be putting down? Thanks.
  2. Dealership quotes me $1600 for service; worth it?

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    Hey folks, So I drive a 2006 Mustang V6 (picked it up Sept '05), which is approaching the 90,000 mile mark. It used to be driven QUITE a ways during my daily commute from LA to Orange County (50 miles each way) for about a year. I've taken a couple of drives to San Francisco in it. Nothing...
  3. curious what my 2008 mustang gt is pushing

    i have a 08' gt 5 speed only things i have done to it so far is i replaced the stock air filter with a K&N performance one and swaped the stock mufflers for two flow master super 40's i havent had a chance to get it to a dyno and was wondering if any one could gusse what im pushing thanks
  4. Shock Replacement Estimates

    2.3L Talk
    Okay so I need some estimates. I need to replace my rear shocks, and the cheapest place is charging $75 an hour since I'm providing the shocks. I would do it myself, but I live in Alaska and alas! I have no place to do it. So, how many hours would it take to replace the rear shocks? Thanks in...