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exhaust smell

  1. Switched to an H-pipe and the smell is unbearable

    5.0L Tech
    I apologize if I missed seeing this in another thread, I did a quick search here and other forums and didn't see any suggestions I am looking for. I have a 1990 5.0 convertible. I recently switched to an off road h-pipe without cats. I knew there would be an increase in the exhaust smell but...
  2. Help! 1994 mustang - rough idle, white smoke pushing out the exhaust pipes.

    V6 Tech
    I ran out of fuel and was lucky enough to get to the gas station. the engine was really clunking and misfiring it seemed. so i put in some gas and started it up thinking the problem would be solved. instead, it still ran rough and white smoke would thrust out of the left exhaust pipe only. the...
  3. 1967 Mustang Exhuast Smells!

    Classic Tech
    :headscratch:My 1967 Coupe smells really bad every time i start it. Any advice on ways to improve this? It dosent shoot smoke or anything. I have to change my clothes after starting it becuase it is so bad.