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  1. 5.0L Talk
    Ok guys. i want to know whats the fasted anyone has gone with their mustang that passes california smog inspections. non of this i got a guy that overlooks my victor jr heads with no smog pump. or i got an illegal smog and ran this or that. a car that can be taken to any smog inspector in...
  2. Mustang GT500
    I have a GT-500 that has 744 RWHP and I wanted to try to find the top speed, I have had it to 170 MPH but there is still room to go. Does any one know when it will lift?
  3. Road Racing
    ive got a 03 v6 with a cai and steeda catbacks, and some kid who thinks hes the s:censored:t has an older 3-series and weve had a little friendly rival goin on about whos got the faster car. the only thing that worries me is that hes got a 5-spd and ive got a 4-spd. what do you think?
1-3 of 3 Results