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  1. Gasket thickness!! Clearances, money not a problem. Whats better?

    5.0L Tech
    I have a 68 302 block board to 4.040 (.040 over) and stroked 3.400 making it a 348.7 cid. I have AFR #1420 (AFR 185cc Renegade Aluminum Cylinder heads) My dad had the engine balanced and blue printed but i dont have that information. He had Fel Pro 8548pt2 head gaskets which are 4.100 boar...
  2. Do i need high proformance head gaskets

    5.0L Tech
    im in the middle of my gt40p cobra intake and 65 mm throttle body swap and i need some head gaskets so far im going to get these Ford Racing M-6051-B341 - Ford Racing Performance Cylinder Head Gaskets - Overview - but im sure there a lot better ones im willing to pay 50 at the...