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  1. Flame Kit: Yes or No

    2011 - 2014 Mustang GT Tech
    I have a buddy who has a 2012 mustang GT. He found a company selling a "Flame Kit" that uses the excess exhaust fumes in your tail pipe and a spark plug to produce flames coming out of the exhaust pipes. I told him that this sounds pretty tacky and that I am not really all for it. And I would...
  2. 1966 mustang brake problems

    Classic Tech
    Hi this is my first post here I have a 1966 mustang gt and this all began when I finally got my car on the road. My fist problem was the driverside caliper locked up so I bought a new one then I was driving to school and the passenger side caliper locked up I was able to get it home now after...
  3. 1966 Mustang w/ Electronic Ignition Not Firing

    Classic Talk
    Hi guys! I am knid of new to the whole mechanic stuff. I have a 1966 Mustang w/ an electronic ignition off of a 1975 Granada. A few days ago I accidently left the switch turned on and after charging the battery up I am not getting any "fire". I just replaced the ignition today and that didn't...
  4. Firestone Indy 500 tire

    Classic Talk
    Hi, When my coupe burned up I lost a tire to the fire haha! Its an Indy 500 Firestone, raised whites on it and the size is a 215/70/r14... I have checked everywhere, tirerack, ebay, local places and such. I found out that the tire itself was made in japan and is on backorder for another...
  5. 1970 Mustang coupe on fire

    Classic Talk
    Hi everyone, I have not posted here for a while, been working and working on my baby. Well I upgraded her a little this winter, Weiand Street warrior intake, Holley 600 manual choke carb, Ford racing wires, Cherry bombs welded on the pipes, and various other bits... Well yesterday like any...
  6. 1995 mustang gt backfires?

    5.0L Tech
    Hi im new to this forum stuff but i have found it to be very helpful so i made an account. anyways i bought a 1995 mustang gt like 6 months ago with a bad fuel pump and the spark plugs were shot as well. So i had that fixed right away when i bought it. I just drove it 6 hours straight a couple...
  7. Engine fire in 1964 Mustang 289 - TWICE!

    Classic Tech
    Hubby bought me a wonderfully restored 1965 Mustang, orange with black vinyl top, three months ago and it's been in the shop more than on the road, so we're getting a bit frustrated. Two months ago as I tried to start it in a parking lot, I noticed smoke from under the hood then bubbling paint...
  8. I have had better luck

    5.0L Talk
    Here is your idiot of the month right here: Well i just got all the pieces to my motor ready and on the car today and had a fuel rail and it had a tiny hole in the bottom of the return line. well i had the intake boot off of the car. and i didnt realize that I had a gas leak. well i cranked my...