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  1. How to get through the firewall?

    2015+ 5.0 Tech
    Hey everyone, new user here. First post. I have a 2017 GT and I'm trying to wire up some underglow lights for courtesy lighting. I already know how to wire them. I'm just going to wire them the way cjponyparts instructs you to wire the footwell lighting. That will make them only turn on when...
  2. Mystery Ground (green wire)

    Classic Tech
    Hello.. Little history first. 68 Mustang, early year. Was a 6cyl is now a 8cyl (engine swap) Wire loom is original and seems in good condition. Ignition plug is the replacement version so has a red/yellow wire tieing into "PINK resistor wire and black/green wire and then there is a Red/pink...
  3. Pyrometer install questions

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Has anyone installed a digital stepper motor pyrometer gauge from autometer? Its a phantom 2 series, and its on a 2006 gt. So here are my couple questions. 1. It needs a direct engine ground, so where should i mount it on the engine 2. If the ground wire is too short, can i splice more wire...
  4. Subwoofer installation help!

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I got a Kicker 10 inch powered subwoofer and I have everything I need to install it except for the 12 gauge wire that runs to the battery. I'm not a fan of going outside the car and tucking the wire in between the body panels and I'm also not a fan of drilling a hole in my firewall, so where is...
  5. Clutch won't disengage

    5.0L Tech
    Bout ready to tear my hair out, I've got an 87 fox with a clutch that won't completely disengage. After market quadrent with three set points ( it's on the highest one) firewall adjuster (maxed out) and we shimmed the cable underneath the car. The wierd thing is when we put the shim on it worked...
  6. 2001 GT amp wiring through firewall???

    Audio, Video, Navigation & Alarms
    I keep looking and looking for all of these grommets that people are talking about to get my power cable through so I can finish setting up my subs. I must be retarded to not be able to figure this out but can you please post pictures?? o.O
  7. Help!! firewall support on clutch cable broken??

    5.0L Tech
    87 gt 5.0 cable seems ok been hard to push clutch and grinding a little found firewall cracked and cable has play about a inch or so...anyone got any how to's to repair this or a really good fix?
  8. helpppp!!!! firewall clutch cable holder is broken interior!

    2.3L Tech
    87 mustang gt.. Clutch cable fitting real loose at firewall and metal support is cracking? ... Anyone have any how tos or great fixes to this problem???:
  9. Fox Firewall Insulation

    5.0L Talk
    Hey everyone... Since I am in the middle of a partial restoration of my 88 GT I have run across a bad heater core that has been leaking for quite some time. My question is where can I find a replacement firewall insulation pad? I have looked around on LMR and google with no luck of a "new"...
  10. Easiest Place To Run A Wire From Battery Through The Firewall

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    Hey! the title pretty much says it all, ive looked around and saw a couple people saying where to do it and such but no posts had good pictures or anything so i figured while im running my wires through i might as well take a couple pictures! REQUIRES NO DRILLING :smilie The spot i ran my...
  11. Mustang Clutch Adjuster

    2.3L Tech
    Will this fit my '90 LX 2.3L? Mustang Clutch Adjuster Kit (96-04) at - Free Shipping! All the parts look excatly the same, it just says '96-'04 fitment but if my memory serves me correctly (not likely) all the clutch quadrant blah blah is the same crappy OEM plastic...
  12. Steering column seal on the firewall

    2.3L Tech
    Im doing a 5 speed conversion in my 92 hatch and i need 2 find a firewall seal for the 5 speed with a hydrolic clutch. Does anyone have one or know where i can get one? i already checked a few catalogs & the junkyard. I appreciate any help.
  13. 1966 Mustang "firewall" issues

    Classic Tech
    Is there such thing as an after-market rear "firewall" to separate the trunk compartment from the passenger compartment? The original cardboard divider that was in there, surprisingly enough, deteriorated, and I am looking for something a little more durable and secure. Please let me know if...