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  1. 1966 Four Lug Problem. Wheel spacers or Full Axle Swap?

    Classic Tech
    Just purchased my first 1966 Mustang. It's a six cylinder I6 and as I've come to find out, all I6 models from that year are 4lug. I'm trying to figure out if its safe to go with wheel spacers on this model so I can fit five lug Torque D Thrust wheels. Current rims on the car are 14x6 rims. I've...
  2. Cheap Disc Brake Conversion?!

    5.0L Tech
    i have a 93 mustang GT and i want to find out if there is any way that i can get the 5 lug disc conversion front and back without breaking the bank. any ideas? id looked around and hadn't seen a good answer.