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  1. SouthEast
    Looking to put a cruise together. I live in downtown tampa. OR do cars and coffee. Someone help me find a group or set a real club up.
  2. Introduce Yourself | No Tech Questions Please!
    I'm slowly working on my 2012 Race Red V6 and I decided it was time to join this forum to get some ideas/suggestions. She's my first car. I bought her off my dad. My dad now has a 2014 Deep Impact Blue V6. My brother has a 2010 Black GT. We're definitely a Mustang family. I might convince them...
  3. SouthEast
    We are meeting at - Walmart Supercenter, 3250 Vineland Rd, Kissimmee, FL 34746 @ 2:30 p.m. Then after everyone has gathered we will ride over to Old Town.
  4. SouthEast
    Hey guys, my friend has started a new detailing business and is trying to expand his business empire... Jokes aside, hes just like me, a college kid and he's trying to make it with his company, does great work, so if you need some detailing done, or know anyone who wants some done, check out his...
  5. 2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Anyone coming out this Saturday from 6-11 for some fun on the track? I will probably be there and my buddy might be there with his modded-to-hell MR2. I went last Saturday and it's good fun. Also, active duty military ID gets you in for free. Hope to see some familiar Stangs from the forums...
  6. SouthEast
    Hey Floridians! I'm a recent transplant to So. Fla. (Broward Cnty) and was wondering if any of y'all knew of any reliable shops (garages) where I could get some aftermarket mods installed on my pony. I need exterior work as well as exhaust, trans. etc. Paint as well. I love my 'stang but 305hp...
  7. SouthEast
    Did any Florida peeps come out to the event? MossMuscle was there! Check out our video from the event! Chris
  8. Classic Talk
    Hi, I'm new to this whole car thing, I lived in a city and public transit was my main for years, I know absolutely nothing, but my Older Brother went off to Iraq in the Army and left me his 1969 Mustang. I don't know much else about it or even how to tell the things about it. I have a lot of...
  9. Introduce Yourself | No Tech Questions Please!
    :wavey My name is George, I'm originally from Argentina but I've been living in the states for almost 11 years now (I'm 23). This October I bought my first Mustang. It's a 1990 SSP Coupe ex-Florida cop car. The car is intended to be a weekend cruiser and occasional track warrior. It's not...
  10. 4.6L Talk
    I have a 2003 mustang gt. Have had bbk off road x, mil eliminators with flowmaster 40 series catback system. I just got pypes long tube headers, k&n fip kit cai, 78mm bbk throttle intake. And the diablosport predator. So, I have read some good things about both Coastal Dyno and Ramseys...
  11. 5.0L Talk
    Hey my 92 LX 5.0 has a brand new set of tires on it cause it got stolen and we needed to put new tires on it. Well, it got stolen like 6 years ago...and its been sitting on the tires ever since. We never raised it or anything. When we took it out a few weeks ago the ride was really bumpy. I...
1-11 of 14 Results