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  1. Classic Tech
    First and foremost I do not want this thread to degrade into a debate about whether or not to even swap out an FMX. All forums I looked up end up being about why one should keep the FMX instead of giving advise on how to do the swap. My 1973 had been sitting for 5 years while I was away in the...
  2. Classic Tech
    Hello, first post here. It sounds simple maybe but not so obvious to me about the oil fliter placement. I have a FMX C9Z and when I took of the oil pan the filter came with and dropped in the pan. After cleaning the filter trying to put it back but something is strange about the clip at the end...
  3. Classic Tech
    Ok here goes....I just finished up my engine rebuild and started her up today with no problems :yup:. I am having trouble, however, adding fluid to the transmission. Everytime I try to add fluid, it spews out of the overflow tube. I drained it and pulled it out of the car with the engine so I...
  4. Classic Tech
    I have a 1975 Ranchero with an FMX Transmission and I know its not a Mustang but this forum has been a great source of info for my car. My transmission is slow to go into gear in first and reverse and it will slip in reverse and on deceleration in first only. It will compression brake in...
  5. Classic Tech
    Last night I got my Transgo full manual 'reprogramming kit' into my otherwise stock FMX tranny. Works awesome as far as shifting goes, very frim, positive shifts. It feels very much like powershifting a manual transmission. The downside is now i have an issue getting into reverse. So, I'll call...
  6. Classic Tech
    So, I see TCI offers Breakaway (1000rpm over stock) and Street fighter (1500rpm over stock) Torque converters for FMX trannys. I was wondering if anyone had used one of these, and how the old FMX performs with one in it?
1-6 of 6 Results