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fog lights installation

  1. fog lights install on a 99 V6 - need info

    V6 Tech
    I have assembled what is needed to install a pair of stock fog lights. I need to know: question.gif 1. what screws are used to mount the fog light housings to the stock bumper? 2. I will need to run 2 wires (probably #16) thru the firewall to connect the dash switch to the fog light relay - is...
  2. 96 fog lights are wired in.

    4.6L Talk
    Let me start by thanking all who post selfish-less-ly:headscratch: specifically the method to wire up fog lights through the factory wiring. I was able to install some aftermarket fog/driving lights on a 96 GT only putting out $7 for a switch - utilizing random wire connectors and a pair of...
  3. Need Help with converting v6 Grille

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I have the standard black honeycomb grille for my 2006 v6 and I want to convert it to the fog light grille. I like the look of the honeycombe grille, I am just having a hard time finding a kit that includes the honeycomb grille and foglight kit together. Does anyone know where I can find that...
  4. 96 GT fog lights?

    4.6L Tech
    Hey guys! I walked outside this morning and noticed something about my GT. It has no fog lights like GT are suppose to have. I looked underneath and the where the fog lights go it blocked off like a V6. I found this very weird but anyways lets get to the point. I plained on replacing them with...