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  1. SVO Foglight Switch Repair and Relay Mod

    2.3L Tech
    It is common for the foglight switches to basically melt since someone at Ford had decided running all the fog light current through the switch would probably save them a few pennies over putting relay in. Before throwing away the switch, you can rebuild them and replace the 12V bulb with an...
  2. 2010-2012 CDC Chin spoiler fog lights…any one have them ?

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    Hi, anyone here have the 2010-2012 CDC Chin spoiler fog lights installed, i was looking for a picture of them (switched ON) on google and most of the famous forums and i did not find any picture or video which shows how they operate..!!! if anyone have them please share some pictures with us.
  3. Fog Light Trouble!

    I have a 2005 v6 mustang that is equipped with the gt grill w/fog lights. However, I'm having a problem. The fuse for the fog lights keeps blowin. The fog lights work I do know that. Once I put a new fuse in, the lights will work for a little while (maybe a day or so) and then when I turn them...
  4. why is this 2013 fog light kit so cheap?

    2011-2014 Mustang Talk
    i just picked up a brand new ford (what i believe is oem) fog light kit for less then 130.00 shipped...but everywhere else ive seen it, its 350-450...i just got it in the mail and its everything i need... i must be missing something... here is the link...
  5. 2006 Roush Independent Fog Light Rewire so all 4 foglights stay lit

    2005-2010 Mustang GT Tech
    Hi I have a 2006 Roush that has the stock headlights and fog lights that all GT's have plus two more fog lights in the valance. Right now to turn on the fog lights you pull the head lamp switch like you usually would and there is a toggle switch to select between the stock or roush fog lights...
  6. Wiring harness plugin location for fog lights: 2003 Mustang Cobra Convertible

    SVT Cobra Tech
    I am replacing the fog lights on my 2003 Cobra convertable after a minor bumper accident and the factory parts were removed. I need to know where to look on the front end chassis for the spot where the fog light harness plugs in. Does anyone have a picture or description that can help me...
  7. 2006 Mustang v6 fog lights help

    2005-2010 V6 Mustang Tech
    alright, I have actually been having my 06 v6 mustang convertable(if that matters..) for about a year lol.. and I have never actually tried turning on the fog lights. I tried today and have no idea ?! ... The knob doesnt pull out, the first notch turns on the little bottom yellow light and the...
  8. In pursuit of fog light info. All help is appricated

    Classic Tech
    Along with the many other projects i want to do, i want to install fog lights. I have been doing some reading and know there is supposed to be a plug at the fire wall and under the dash somewhere. Does anyone know where they usually are? and what the wire colors are? Any info would be greatly...
  9. 2003 Mustang V6 Fog Light Installation

    V6 Tech
    I am working on installing fog lights on my 2003 V6 but before i tackled the project i was trying to get all my information together. I was thinking i would need a wiring harness, a new dash button, electronic relay, and of course the lamps themselves and their install hardware. I got a hold of...
  10. Mustang 1988 remove the fog switch

    5.0L Tech
    Hi, I have an electric problem with my fogs and wonder how to remove the fog switch located on the left side of the dash board. I guess I will have to remove the entiere DB but how? thanks
  11. Fog Light Switch on my 1996 Cobra

    4.6L Tech
    So I bought my 1996 Cobra about two weeks ago. There has been this hole in the center console that looks like a place for another coin holder to go, much to my surprise, it's where the switch for my fog light should be! I found a replacement switch and ordered it, it should be here Tuesday...
  12. 1968 Mustang fog light question

    Classic Tech
    I have always wanted to install fog lights on my mustang and with the christmas season coming i thought i would get some info on how to install them. First question is, are there already existing plugs in my original harness to plug all the necessary fog light wiring into from what ive read...
  13. fog light and wires melting

    5.0L Tech
    does anyone have a cure for when i have my headlights on and the fog lights it starts to melt the wiring by the turn signal switch so anybody know what i can do so i can run both the headlights and fog lights at the same time with out it melting also to run the fog lights without the healights...
  14. 2006 Mustang HID Lights Fogs

    2005-2010 Mustang Talk
    I installed some 6000k HIDS for my '06 v6 pony and readjusted the headlights but its really been bothering me that the pony grill fog lights dont match the hids. I bought some cheap supposedly 600k plug and plays for the fogs but they didnt look white at all so i took them out. after doing some...